New Wonder Woman Collectibles, From A Cute And Small Figure To An Epic And Expensive Statue

It was a busy week for Wonder Woman collectible announcements, and now there are a couple of very cool things coming our way in the next few months.  First up is a new line of high-quality PVC figures from Quantum Mechanix Inc.’s Q-Pop line featuring the heroes and villains of DC Comics.  Here’s a look at the design for their Wonder Woman:

wwstatueqpopThe figures are about 3.5” tall, have a themed base, and come with a word balloon whiteboard on which you can write whatever you’d like with the accompanying dry erase marker.  They’re set to retail for somewhere between $19.95 and $29.95.  That strikes me as a bit much for such a small figure, but the design is certainly cool.  I definitely want one.  Look for the line to launch this summer in stores and online.

Also announced was a huge, awesome premium format Wonder Woman statue from Sideshow Collectibles.  This thing looks amazing:


There’s also another edition where she’s holding an axe instead of a shield.  This is a gorgeous statue, and while they haven’t released the specs yet, the premium format Batman and Superman statues they’re placing Wonder Woman alongside are both about two feet tall.  You’re going to have to break open your piggy banks for this one: It’s priced at $399.99, but there are payment plans through Sideshow if you can’t lay out that much cash up front.  I also definitely want one of these, but I think it’s far more likely I’ll only get the Q-Pop.  This would look so good in my house, though!

Anyway, the statue goes up for pre-order later today, and if, like me, you can’t afford it, Sideshow is holding a draw to win one; just go to their page and scroll down until you see “Enter for your chance to win the Wonder Woman Premium Format™ Figure!” and put in your info.  And because I told you about the draw, if you win you have to let me have the statue half of the year.  I’m pretty sure that’s in the terms and conditions somewhere.

It’s nice that we’ve got two new Wonder Woman collectibles at different price levels.  As much as I’m bummed that there’s no way I can afford the sideshow statue, I’m excited for the Q-Pop figure.  They look really fun and cool.  When we get them, let’s try not to be bitter and write “I wish I was a Sideshow statue!” in the whiteboard word balloon.


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