Wonder Woman #28 Preview OR A Lot Of Bull

Wonder Woman #28 is out this Wednesday, and Newsarama has a four page preview of the book.  I have no idea who the guy on the cover is; I assume it’s the First Born, but from this preview the main antagonist seems to be the minotaur in bondage gear.  Anyway, let’s look at the preview:






First off, do you say MIHN-otaur or MINE-otaur?  I usually say the former, but now that I’m thinking about it the latter sounds way cooler.  Regardless, that is one whacky half-bull, half-man.  Or regular man in bull looking helmet.  Who knows what’s going on under there?  Here’s a new slogan for the series: “Wonder Woman: Really not for kids.  At all.”

Anyway, Wonder Woman’s got a new team together, and I’m very curious to see how it goes.  I was optimistic after the last issue, and I hope that trusting Hera, Hermes, and Artemis pays off and doesn’t bite Wonder Woman in the butt.  Or gore her in the butt.  Whatever the case may be.  Either way, I’d be very glad if this was the issue where Wonder Woman’s plans start to come together and she finally starts playing offense after two years of defense.  It’s long overdue.  If there’s some twist where someone betrays her and she’s left in the lurch AGAIN, I’m going to throw the comic across the room.  But if she can actually manage the team and start taking control of things, I’ll be quite happy indeed.

Look for Wonder Woman #28 online and in comic shops everywhere on Wednesday!  There’s also a steam punk variant cover with art by J.G. Jones, so keep your eyes peeled for that when you’re at your local comic shop.


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One Response to “Wonder Woman #28 Preview OR A Lot Of Bull”

  1. Karl Says:

    I’ll be upset and annoyed also if this sorry saga dosent play out with Diana on top.
    This book not for kids? Gothcha[!] the page last issue where those kids in the woods began undressing was certainly innapropriate for this title. And that Minotaur [ I say Mine also] looks kinky, too kinky…
    The metallic effects on the bracers in the third page, second panel are done particularly well; the book looks nice, at least. But is that enough? No.

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