Wonder Woman #28 Review OR Olympus Has Fallen


This wasn’t a terribly eventful issue of Wonder Woman until the very last page, with the book consisting of just two fight scenes, but it was a fun read that built on the good things we saw last month.  While it’s only February, it feels like Azzarello is building towards the annual August finale already, though I’m sure there will be plenty of twists and turns before then.  Let’s talk about the issue, but first:


I am about to discuss ALL of the goings-on in this comic book!

Go read the issue first!

So we’ve got two fights that ultimately move the pieces around a bit.  The result of the first fight was Cassandra capturing Dionysus, and using him to gain entry into Mount Olympus while, unbeknownst to her, Wonder Woman grabbed onto the ship and tagged along for the ride.  They arrived at Mount Olympus just as the second fight reached its explosive conclusion.  It looked like the First Born had gained the upper hand over Apollo, withstanding his solar blasts and crushing him in a brutal bear hug, but Apollo had an ace up his sleeve and destroyed his skyscraper Mount Olympus, with himself and the First Born atop the roof, in a massive, fiery explosion.

There was a lot to like in both fight scenes, but let’s start with Cassandra and her minotaur in France.  First, I liked the twist that Cassandra was actually after Dionysus and that Zola and Zeke happened to be there was just coincidence.  We’ve had two and a half years of everyone chasing after Zeke, so we’re used to him as a target, but Cassandra didn’t even seem aware he was there.  That was a nice misdirect, and a speedy resolution to Zola’s runaway sideplot as she’s already back in the vicinity of her team.

Speaking of the team, they’re still together!  No one betrayed Wonder Woman!  That’s very nice to see.  I’m glad that the team is effective and working well together, and I really like the lineup.  Artemis is useful addition, with her fighting skills and tracking prowess, but she’s also a lot of fun.  She’s always spoiling for a fight, has cool weapons like her moonerangs, and Matthew Wilson colours her so beautifully.  I love the blues he uses, and how her moonlike glow lights up every panel she’s in.  Even in bright light, Wilson captures a slight lumosity with Artemis.  His work with the character is quite stunning all around.

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know that Hermes is my favourite character, and this panel of him catching a spear in his talon while Wonder Woman deflects a spray of bullets is an absolute blast:


Wonder Woman, Hermes, and Artemis have a great dynamic in the fight scenes, and when they’re not fighting they also have Hera to add some comic relief and make for some enjoyable exchanges.

There was also a heroic moment for Zola after the minotaur captured Dionysus.  She was safe and could have left, but she decided to go after Dio:


Later in the issue, we see her near the ramp to Cassandra’s ship and, since she doesn’t show up after that, I assume that she and Zeke sneaked onto the ship to try to help Dionysus.  Zola’s been running since the series began, as she should, considering she’s got a baby to protect.  But she’s also been hanging out with heroes, and it’s starting to rub off on her.  She doesn’t want to just be a damsel in distress anymore, nor does she need to be; Zeke is just a baby, but he’s also quite a weapon when push comes to shove.

Over on Mount Olympus, the First Born sure took a beating but the First Born is nothing if not used to perpetual pain and misery.  There was a classic Azzarello piece of dialogue when Apollo couldn’t understand why his fiery blasts weren’t stopping the First Born, and the First Born replied, “My hate burns hotter than a thousand sons.”  The First Born’s rampage is all about his daddy issues, and the son/sun exchange underscored that nicely without having to rehash the entire story.

It was a well crafted fight, and Chiang and Wilson did an excellent job depicting the increasingly charred First Born.  Wilson also did a fantastic job colouring Apollo, who transitioned from a white hot glow to increasingly dark shades of orange as he blasts at the First Born and depletes his solar energy.  The changes are subtle and gradual, and are characteristic of the care that Wilson puts into his colouring in every issue of Wonder Woman.

Jared K. Fletcher had a strong issue lettering as well.  Fight scenes mean a lot of sound effects, and Fletcher did a great job communicating the action with sound effects that capture each punch, shot, and block without being obtrusive or impeding the flow of the story.  Letterers have a thankless job; when they’re at their best, they blend in so perfectly that you don’t notice them, and Fletcher did just that in a sound-heavy issue.

All together, this was a solid, albeit quick, issue of Wonder Woman.  The destruction of Olympus might have some big repercussions, depending on who survives the blast and how soon it is restored.  If Apollo is dead and the First Born survives and captures the throne, that would create a whole new dynamic where the rest of the gods, including Wonder Woman, would have to team up to depose him; that could be fun.  While the issue itself was just a couple of well put together fights, the ramifications of these fights could have some huge implications for the book moving forward.  I’m excited to see what happens next.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

10 thoughts on “Wonder Woman #28 Review OR Olympus Has Fallen

  1. Loved this issue, from the dialogue, to the fight scenes, and all the way to the climactic twist and turns. If you think about it, everyone and every important piece is now in place. Wonder Woman, Apollo, First Born, Cassandra, and Zeke are all together now. Next issue should be fantastic.

    I especially liked the exchanges between the characters, especially the one at the end with First Born and Apollo. “Because, Apollo…my hatred burns hotter than a thousand suns. It’s bigger than your ambition. You don’t deserve the power you have. None of you do. This mountain is my birthright. I claim it as my own. You were a pretender, brother. Nothing more. The throne is mine…you merely kept it warm.” FREAKING FANTASTIC! Witty, intimidating, epic, and well written all in one.

    I also liked the first page a lot with Hermes telling Diana she would never learn, and her response being, “To stop believing in people? I hope not.” Great response and comeback that shows that Azzarello might still got a hand on who WW really is. Well, I hope so anyways 😛

    Great issue all around and nice review. I could always count on you to point out some of the coloring art depictions within the comic (First Born charring and subtle Apollo loss of energy color change). Something I’m not very good at noticing. I’m a story guy, not an artist 😛 lol

    1. I’m glad you brought up the “To stop believing in people? I hope not” line. I meant to mention it in the review. It was a nice moment that captured Wonder Woman well for me. The story thus far may have shown that her believing in people rarely ends well, but I’m hoping ultimately we’ll see it pay off.

  2. Loved it from start to finish. Did anyone else notice the stare down between WW and the minotaur? Could that be the minotaur she spared in #0? Also, WW seemed like she was pissed when Cassandra and co. retreated. That might be the God of War starting to manifest in her personality.

    I wholeheartedly agree that the exchange between TFB and Apollo was nothing short of brilliant, and TFB has become a much more engaging character. These two guys are tailor-made for a WW television series.

    1. Yes, I do believe the minotaur is the same one from issue #0. I think its been confirmed by Azzarello…I think?

      As for the God of War starting to manifest in her personality, glad I’m not the only one who noticed, even though I think its been changing her even before she became God of War. The shackles that bind her power are their for a reason and I do believe those reasons are evil and power hungry. Lust for power is a theme Azzarello has been going for for a while now.

      In the last issue, WW seemed to have concocted a plan, but what if that plan is one of conquest? What if she wants to be the ruler of Olympus? She kills Ares becoming God of War, lets the First Born live so that he is taken away by Apollo so that eventually he would break free and kill them all. Once everyone is fighting and weak, she comes in and takes them all out. Not sure how Moon and Cassandra fit in all this though? But its a devious plan. I’m telling you people, this is the major twist. At this point, I’m so convinced I’m willing to bet money on it. I’m waiting Azzarello! 😛 lol!

      1. My guess is that it’s the same minotaur. I don’t know how many minotaurs are roaming around in this world. Mythologically, it’s usually just the one, isn’t it?

        I don’t think Wonder Woman will take over Olympus. My money is on Zeke being Zeus, and returning in full power at some point to retake Olympus.

  3. So its been confirmed that Azzarelo and Chiang will be departing the book later this summer, when their three year opus is concluded.
    This comic has had its high points but Im waiting with bated breath to see if our authentic WW will come back with the new team…I hear Charles Soule is in the running, sounds hopeful!

    1. I’m very curious to see who will take over the book. As much as I’ve had my issues with this run, I appreciate that Azzarello and Chiang have had the space to do their own thing and tell a big story. I’m worried that whoever comes next will be required to tie it into the wider DCU, and the Superman romance specifically. Hopefully not, but DC seems to have gone all-in on this relationship.

    2. …idk if I want soule on this book. and I think I heard him say he had too many books at the moment so I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m glad azz didn’t put the s/ww thing in the book, and I hope the next team keeps it that way. steve trevor showing up would be nice. It IS his home book. I’d like chiang to stay though.

  4. Yes Chiang should stay…he has that delicious Don Heck vibe about his art I love.
    We could do with another writer but Im happy with Chiang.

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