Bleeding Cool Reports That David Finch Will Take Over DC’s Wonder Woman Comic OR Please, No, Don’t Do It

First off, don’t be confused by the headline like I was when I first saw this reported on Bleeding Cool.  David Fincher, all-star director, is unfortunately not taking over a Wonder Woman project of some sort, though that would be awesome.  Instead, David Finch, a T&A heavy artist, is supposedly taking over the Wonder Woman comic book after Azzarello and Chiang wrap up their run this summer.

If this report turns out to be true, and I very much hope it does not, that is some unfortunate news.  Finch isn’t a terrible artist, but he’s not great with women.  You might remember his variant cover to Justice League #1, where Wonder Woman was all sexily posed:


And short, for some reason.  Batman’s towering over her.  But at least this cover inspired this fantastic response from artist Kelly Turnbull, who put the rest of the Justice League in Wonder Woman’s pose:


That makes me laugh every time I see it.

You may also recall his recent work on Justice League of America, where Catwoman’s zipper went all the way down near her navel in nearly every scene.  Decisions like that make me question whether he’d be a good fit for Wonder Woman.

The Bleeding Cool report doesn’t specify whether Finch is just drawing the book or writing it as well, but I really, really, really hope he’s not writing.  When he co-wrote Batman: The Dark Knight, well, just look; this is the sort of character he came up with:


Super classy.

Bleeding Cool also mentions that Wonder Woman will likely be more in line with her Justice League portrayal, meaning that the Superman romance will be front and center, which is the worst.  There’ll likely be more tie-in to big events as well.  I’ve enjoyed having Wonder Woman off in her own corner of the DC universe, as much as I’ve had my issues with the book over the past couple years, and I really don’t want to see it more integrated with the rest of DC’s line.

Finch is a good artist, and quite decent in dark, moody books that feature characters with big, dramatic capes, but I don’t think he’d be a good fit for Wonder Woman at all.  His track record for writing and drawing women isn’t great, and his style just doesn’t fit her world in any way that I would want to see it, especially after Chiang has thrown down such a gorgeous, definitive run.  I’m crossing my fingers that the rumour is wrong, but knowing DC it’s probably true.


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8 Responses to “Bleeding Cool Reports That David Finch Will Take Over DC’s Wonder Woman Comic OR Please, No, Don’t Do It”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    but JL Wonder Woman is awful. Surely someone’s told Geoff that by now. An editor or somebody. Or is he just surrounded by “yes” men now?

  2. darkteddyknight52 Says:

    Lol, c’mon DC has made a lot of questionable decisions but David Finch on art and or writing?
    That would be insane!
    I can’t even fathom this, it just makes me laugh nervously
    Ugh please don’t let this be true
    Wonder Woman and Green arrow are the only two comics I’ll be reading by the time Batman zero year ends. This comes to pass, and Green Arrow crosses over with anything Future end I’m done

  3. Bob Says:

    After seeing a bit of ARGUS, i’d really like to see Sterling Gates on WW

  4. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Oh for f*cks sake…

    This is not how you follow up a critically acclaimed run (and Finch didn’t deny the rumors on Twitter either).

    In terms of writing, his Dark Knight was a train-wreck and I can’t imagine why DC would give him more writing duties — especially on a title that’s been widely regarded as the best book being published by DC.

    In terms of his artwork? He’s a mixed bag. I’m okay with gratuitous T&A as long as the women are well proportioned, and that’s something he struggles with at times. He also has a tendency to rely to heavily on splash pages and his panels don’t always flow neatly. He’s more than capable of producing good artwork, but I think his style is more suited to event-type story-lines like “Forever Evil” instead of something like Azzarello’s story, which relies heavily on intricacy.

  5. John S Says:

    The Superman and Wonder Woman book is critically getting solid reviews. A little bit of objectivity might help here because the book has zero to do with the art of Finch. The constant fan raging over the relationship at every opportunity is really getting old.

  6. Karl Says:


  7. Steve Trevor Says:

    i havnt read wonderwoman since the issue the amazons were said to be rapists,but if azzarello is leaving this summer any chance gail simone will return.i have grown to enjoy the writings of johnathan hickman also,the man writes big grand impressive tales.

  8. Introgauge Says:

    males do not have a female body. So that doesn’t make sense.

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