Wonder Woman #29 Preview OR Olympus Has Fallout

The last issue of Wonder Woman ended with a bang, literally, and now there seem to be some repercussions.  IGN has a preview of next week’s Wonder Woman #29, so let’s take a look:







First off, a preview of Wonder Woman would ideally have more Wonder Woman in it.  Or any Wonder Woman at all.  But she is on Cassandra’s ship somewhere, so I assume she’ll pop up pretty soon.

The big thing here is what happens to Hera.  It doesn’t look great for her; being able to see someone’s skeleton is rarely a positive sign.  But I think she’s going to be all right.  More than all right even.

Here’s a panel from Wonder Woman #12, when Apollo took away Hera’s powers.  Note the colour of the vapour:


It’s the same green as the ball of energy that blasts Hera at the winery.  My bet is that the destruction of Olympus and the apparent death of Apollo has freed her powers to return to her, and she’ll be a goddess again.  Hopefully one who has learned some valuable lessons from her time as a mortal, because she was a pretty terrible person last time we saw her as a deity.

The other big question is how is Cassandra’s ship still flying.  My money’s on Wonder Woman holding it up, but Zeke busting out his powers again strikes me as a decent option.  I doubt it’s a First Born thing, because he’s probably buried under a pile of rubble right now.  As a side note, I love the colouring in the Zola panels, with the harsh red and soft blues.  Matthew Wilson always makes cool choices.

Look for Wonder Woman #29 this Wednesday, March 19, online and in comic shops everywhere.  Azzarello and Chiang are building to their big finale now, and it sounds like it’s going to be a doozy.


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