Women At DC Comics Watch – June 2014 Solicits


DC’s had a pretty consistent year thus far, keeping their number of female creators in the double digits, and the June solicits continue this trend.  They also continue an odd trend we’ve seen recently of a lack of new titles.  Marvel’s been launching 5 or 6 books a month this year, while DC’s only been adding 1 or 2 titles a month, though I suppose that two of those titles are weekly books which means 4 or 5 new issues a month.  Anyway, let’s dig into the June 2014 solicits:

  • For New 52 writers, Gail Simone in on Batgirl #32, Christy Marx writes Birds of Prey #32, Ann Nocenti pens Catwoman #32, and Amanda Conner co-writes Harley Quinn #7.
  • For New 52 art, Emanuela Lupacchino is doing the cover and interior art for Supergirl #32, Rachel Dodson is inking the cover for Catwoman #32, and Amanda Conner is doing the cover for Harley Quinn #7 and Batwing #32.
  • Outside of the New 52, Cat Staggs is doing the cover for Smallville Season 11: Lantern #3, Sandra Hope is an inker in the Legends of the Dark Knight 100 Page Super Spectacular #3, Amy Wolfram co-writes Teen Titans Go! #4, and Colleen Doran is doing EVERYTHING, cover, writing, AND art, for The Vampire Diaries #6.
  • Over at Vertigo, Caitlin Kittredge is back writing Coffin Hill #8 after the book took a break in May, while Yuko Shimizu is doing the cover for The Unwritten: Apocalypse #6.
  • For new books, the only new title is Infinity Man and the Forever People #1, which features no female creators but does have two female characters front and center.  Also, DC’s ongoing Secret Origins includes Batwoman in June, alongside Green Lantern and Red Robin, the third straight issue with two men and one woman.  However, there are no female creators there either.

All together, in June there are 12 different female creators scheduled to work on 12 different books, a bit of an increase from May’s 11 and 10, respectively.  That’s a decent total, though do please remember that the male creators number in the hundreds so female creators are still quite a substantial minority.  Nonetheless, DC has built a solid assortment of women who work on their books each month.  We’ve not got any new names in June, which would have been nice, but it’s good to see so many female creators getting consistent work.

In terms of female characters, DC’s slow roll out of new books continues, but there’s some decent representation in Infinity Man and the Forever People.  I have a bone to pick with Secret Origins, though.  For three straight issues they’ve featured a female character, which is good, but it’s so easy to just be happy that a female character has been included that you forget, oh wait, for three straight issues male characters have outnumbered female characters 2 to 1.  We’re so used to no representation that we take whatever we get as a win instead of noticing that inequality remains.  I’d very much like to see two female characters and one male character in the next issue of Secret Origins, just to even things out a bit.  I doubt it’ll happen, but it only seems fair.

Anyway, it was another decent month for DC, albeit only in relation to the fact that they’d been rather terrible at female representation for quite a while.  The numbers for female creators remain paltry, but they’re less paltry than they were last month, so hurrah!  Things are oh so slowly getting better.

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