Captain America: The Winter Soldier Was Great SO When Do We Get A Black Widow Movie?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a massive success. It made almost $100 million domestically this weekend, has pulled in over $300 million globally, and people love it; it’s got an 89% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and 95% from audiences. The movie is killing it on every possible level.

There was lots of great stuff in Winter Soldier. Captain America was super cool, Falcon was awesome, the Winter Soldier was like he just stepped out of the comics, and even Jenny Agutter got to bust up some bad guys as Councilwoman Hawley. But no one was cooler than the Black Widow. She was all over the place, taking down villains in so many ways. She’s got fantastic martial arts skills to start with, but she’s also got a grappling hook, electric shocks, various guns, a garrote, and the ability to make use of whatever else is lying around to beat the hell out of anyone who gets in her way.

Scarlett Johansson has gotten better with each Marvel movie, and she was pretty awesome to begin with way back in Iron Man 2. Of all the Avengers, only Black Widow and Hawkeye haven’t had their own movies yet, and Black Widow is the far more developed character. We’ve heard rumours of a Black Widow movie for a while, but nothing concrete yet, and the rumblings for other characters have been much louder. Ant-Man is already on the schedule, and Dr. Strange has been getting a ton of buzz (and SPOILER even a brief shout out in Winter Soldier) but not every Marvel movie needs to have a white guy lead. A Black Widow movie is not only a very sensible next step for the franchise, but it’s long overdue and would be crazy good.

Let’s talk about the crazy good stuff first. Black Widow is a Russian assassin turned good guy, with a shady past. A Black Widow movie could go in several fun directions: it could have a Bond vibe, or a Bourne vibe, or go even darker than those franchises due to the opportunities her sketchy past provides. In the comics, Black Widow is the product of a covert Soviet superspy/assassin program, an orphan trained from a young age, but given that the movies haven’t delved into her past too much, they’re not locked into any specific version of this origin. There were also other Black Widows in the program in the comics, and Scarlett facing off against and/or teaming up with a bunch of other bad ass lady assassins would make for a heck of a film. Plus, no matter what direction they go with it, the action in a Black Widow movie can be totally out of control.

In terms of the sensible next step, look away if you haven’t seen Winter Soldier yet because we’re diving into SPOILER territory here. The movie ends with Nick Fury and Black Widow releasing all of SHIELD’s secret files, including everything about Black Widow’s history. The world now knows all of her secrets, so she’s perfectly poised to explore this past and tackle any new foes who come out of the woodwork. I think Marvel would be well served to do a prequel/sequel combo, exploring her past life via flashbacks while having her deal with a threat from this past in the present. Preferably a threat that has her traipsing all over the globe, taking down evildoers in classic and exotic locales. A fight atop the Eiffel Tower perhaps, or an epic chase through the jungle toward a Soviet base in Vietnam, or a rooftop battle on a snowy Moscow night.

The time is absolutely right for a Black Widow movie, and no other character is better poised to headline their own film. Also, it would just be awesome. She could kick all of the butts. All. The. Butts.


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4 Responses to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Was Great SO When Do We Get A Black Widow Movie?”

  1. Jan Arrah (@JanArrah) Says:

    while Black Widow was awesome in the movie…
    Spoilers FOLLOW:

    She was again the first one to get hurt and she was, again, sent off to a random side plot that any one could have dealt with.. and she didn’t even succeed. She had to incapacitate herself and let Fury save her. While I love that Black Widow was in general kick ass, that is a huge problem for me.
    Also a good portion of Widow’s history was deleted in the movie. She didn’t really know Winter Soldier from before. Her relationship with Bucky was completely removed. A good portion of her history was removed too as she’s no longer living longer than a normal human (also removed her “power”). Not a huge fan of that. She definitely kicked ass, but she came across all together weaker than Captain America, Falcon, Fury, or Winter Soldier. Maria Hill was a minor bad ass too, but she played more of a supporting role.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I liked that sideplot a lot! She kicked the crap out of all those dudes, electrocuted herself hardcore, and then just shook it off and flew a helicopter to save Falcon. It was pretty bad ass.

      Well, the Bucky stuff was a retcon anyway, and do we know that she’s not living longer than a human? That’s what I find good about her lack of backstory so far: they could go so many directions with it. Anyway, I thought she came off great in the movie, but that’s just me.

  2. Bob Says:

    It probably won’t be happening any time soon. Scarlett’s preggo and shooting avengers right now…

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      True, but if she shoots Avengers now, has her baby and whatnot, and then shoots a Black Widow flick, we could have it by late 2016 after Cap 3 or early 2017.

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