Superman/Wonder Woman #7 Preview OR Superman’s Nuclear Diet

Superman/Wonder Woman #7 is out tomorrow, and the good folks at Comic Book Resources have put up a preview. When we last saw our superpowered lovers, they were in the midst of a nuclear blast, so they’re probably dead and the series is over, right? Wrong! Surprisingly, they’re okay. Let’s take a look:







So after a couple of not completely terrible issues, Superman/Wonder Woman is doing that thing where no one talks very much and there’s not much going on artwise, and then when they do talk it’s really inane romance stuff. I’m not super enthused to see that format return. I like when things actually happen. Where are Zod and Faora? And why isn’t this book Zod/Faora instead? I’d be all over that.

Anyway, Tony S. Daniel is taking a month off so there are three different artists for this issue. And it’s a prelude to the “Doomed” crossover, where Superman is going to turn into a Doomsday monster sort of thing. Maybe soaking up all that nuclear radiation messed with his genetics. It certainly thinned him out; the dude is rail thin here. That’s kind of an interesting idea, having solar energy make Superman strong but the energy from a nuclear bomb make him weak. I mean, the sun is basically a cauldron of constantly exploding nuclear energy so maybe it doesn’t make a ton of sense, but still. I like the idea. I’m less excited about four pages of Wonder Woman trying to break through the clouds, though.

Superman/Wonder Woman #7 is out everywhere tomorrow. You can pick it up at your local comic shop or buy it online.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

3 thoughts on “Superman/Wonder Woman #7 Preview OR Superman’s Nuclear Diet

  1. so i guess they took a break? and i guess diana is he he’s been “thinking about”? goodbye lois.

    still not buying this though

    1. It actually seems fairly callous of Charles Soule to dramatically alter Superman’s state of mind like that. In other books, Superman has still been shown as caring a great deal about Lois. This reminds me of Soule declaring that Diana “hadn’t really loved Steve.” Excuse me? It’s careless for him to re-write like that.

      Also don’t you love how when Superman thought only of Lois 24/7 he was accused of being a bad hero by fanboys but now that it’s WW they are cool with it? This relationship sure does bring out the raging sexist hypocrite in people…..

  2. i saw some images from Batman & Aquaman, and WW as at the tail end of that issue. I swear Bats and Wondy had more tension and chemistry in those two pages talking about glasses than Supes and Wondy have had in these last six issues (that i’ve seen of it, i’ve only read issue one fully).

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