Wonder Woman #30 Preview OR One Missing Amazon

Wonder Woman #30 comes out tomorrow, and Comic Book Resources has posted a preview of the book. After the events of last month’s issue, the Amazons are back and Wonder Woman is fixing to go to war against the First Born, so let’s check in on how things are progressing:






Well, now we know why there wasn’t a joyful mother/daughter reunion when the Amazons were restored at the end of the last issue. Hippolyta is still a statue, and Hera doesn’t know why. The always obstinate Aleka has some thoughts on the matter, of course; she seems to be suggesting that Hera isn’t actually trying to bring back Hippolyta. But given how her character has progressed, I suspect that Hera is telling the truth and that some other forces are at play.

Cliff Chiang is taking a break this month, and he’ll be missed. His art always elevates the book for me; the things I like I like even more when Chiang draws them, and the things I don’t like I am less concerned about because Chiang draws it all so nicely. Goran Sudzuka is my favourite of the several fill-in artists we’ve seen, though. My guess is that this will be a bit of a set-up issue, partly because last month was pretty crazy and partly because Brian Azzarello tends to save the really big things for Chiang. But we’ll see.

Wonder Woman #30 is on sale in comic shops and online tomorrow. Keep an eye out for Batman and Wonder Woman #30 as well.


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