According To Warner Bros., A Wonder Woman Film “Could Be Viable” OR Such Enthusiasm


Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Zack Snyder has officially signed on to direct a Justice League movie, which will begin production soon after the shooting of the Man of Steel sequel wraps up. The article says Justice League won’t be out until 2018, but I’ve seen some other sites suggest that it might be sooner. Snyder’s involvement in the film was pretty much a given, seeing as the Man of Steel sequel is set to feature most of the Justice League already, but now it’s official.

I’m not overly enthused about this, partly because Man of Steel was god awful, partly because Snyder is terrible with female characters and I’d like Wonder Woman’s first big screen appearance to actually be good and fun, and partly because Justice League following the Man of Steel sequel pushes back a possible Wonder Woman movie quite a ways. We’re talking 2020 territory now.

Speaking of which, the Wall Street Journal had some absolutely tepid quotes from Warner Bros.’ executives about Wonder Woman’s potential solo film. They write:

And while there are no plans yet for a “Justice League” spinoff featuring Ms. Gadot’s “Wonder Woman,” Warner executives said they are warm to the idea.

“That is our hope,” said Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing. “With the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her.”

You can feel the enthusiasm radiating from these comments. There sure are a lot of qualifiers in that short statement from Kroll. “With the right script” and “could be viable” are some big ifs. And “no plans yet” is particularly damning. Consider the Marvel movie universe; the man in charge of Marvel’s cinematic adventures, Kevin Feige, recently said that they had plans for films through 2028. Now, most of those aren’t set in stone yet, but you can be sure that Marvel is actively working on more films than they’ve officially announced (maybe even one or two starring a lady!). From the sound of this quote, getting the ball rolling on the earliest stages of a Wonder Woman movie seems like something that won’t even start until they see how she goes over in the Man of Steel sequel and Justice League.

In the meantime, Warner Bros. is actively developing other DC properties into films, including Shazam and the Metal Men. Furthermore, Dwayne Johnson is rumoured to have a part in Justice League, maybe as the Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern, and seeing as he’s a much more bankable star than Gal Gadot, it seems likely that they’d put together a movie for him first before Wonder Woman. I assume they’re looking to do more Batman movies as well, again with a more bankable star in Ben Affleck.

So it’s not sounding great for a Wonder Woman solo film in the near future. Maybe sometime in the 2020s, providing the follow-ups to Man of Steel do well enough to warrant further expansion. Meanwhile, the Hunger Games franchise is making a bajillion dollars, and a movie about a kick ass magical princess is now the sixth most successful film of all time. But yeah, take your time, Warner Bros. You don’t want to rush into anything. Make sure it’s viable first.


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6 Responses to “According To Warner Bros., A Wonder Woman Film “Could Be Viable” OR Such Enthusiasm”

  1. Talisha Harrison Says:

    Reblogged this on La Virino Kiu Skribas.

  2. darkteddyknight52 Says:

    Considering how DC handles Wonder Woman now I can’t say I am terribly excited either way and I’m not the type to be happy to get just a Wonder Woman movie despite it properly representing the character or not.
    I enjoy Azzerallo’s take on the character most interesting run I’ve ever read on the character but johns Wonder Woman? It’s like he (of all people) doesn’t get the character.
    I’m afraid that if the current regime is still in charge when a Wonder Woman movie is made, it’s going to be far and away from everything the character stands for
    She is a warrior YES
    however she knows the value of peace
    Of life
    She shouldn’t be carrying swords
    Or even able to summon swords
    The lasso is unbreakable, hell I’ve seen Jackie chan do damage with a rope in a knot why can’t Diana?
    Feel like it’ll be more focus on violence then the actual character who they know nothing about

    • Popper Most Says:

      Knowing the value life sometimes means Wonder Woman has to make the difficult choice to take someone’s life to protect someone else’s. To show Wonder Woman swing her sword in public places full of people and cut GL with it is way off the mark though I don’t know what the hell Jonhs was thinking

      • darkteddyknight52 Says:

        I still feel that’s wrong. Take the maxwell lord situation
        He use superman and tried to make him kill batman. He said that even if they arrested him or whatever he’d get free and do it again
        So she killed him
        With that train of thought why should she let any villain live?
        The old Wonder Woman at least tried to rehabilitate her enemies or took them somewhere where they could still be themselves with that for me, I can’t see her ever taking a life, and never carries a weapon that would allow her to take a life like a sword.

  3. EnnuiEffect Says:

    “As for Wonder Woman, she could get a solo movie if Gal Gadot is well received in SvB,according to Warners marketing president Sue Kroll: ‘That is our hope. With the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her.'”

    Translation: “We at Warner Bros. are a bunch of spineless cowards; too afraid to allow for the single most iconic female superhero of all time, to have her own film without first subjecting her portrayal to the scrutiny of the masses of fans who have been waiting for a Wonder Woman film since being teased about it when Joss Whedon was set to pen and direct said movie.”

    The world has BEEN ready for Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. is clearly not.

    • Popper Most Says:

      I’m not sure I’m ready for a Wonder Woman film with Gal Gadot in the leading role. Hollywood has apparently no idea how to develop strong female characters as evidenced by their choice of actress for both Wonder Woman and Black Widow. If this film does come out we’ll probably get Gal Gadot just being her sexy self, making eyes at the camera and the textbook eye squinch. I’m pretty sure they have her saying some girl power clichés, things like that, like Black Widow’s interrogation scene where Scarlet J had that typical overbearing arrogance. That scene was a total Alias rip off but Jennifer Garner did it so much better.

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