The Annie Jump Cannon “Wonder Women of History” Strip Is Now On Display Beside The Great Refractor Telescope At The Harvard College Observatory

Last week, after Annie Jump Cannon was profiled on Cosmos, I posted a three page “Wonder Women of History” strip about Cannon from Wonder Woman #33 in January 1949. “Wonder Women of History” was a regular feature in Wonder Woman that profiled notable historical women from a variety of nationalities and professions. The strip described Cannon’s great achievements in identifying and classifying stars, and showed the Harvard College Observatory where she worked:


And the Great Refractor telescope with which Cannon classified thousands of stars:


The post was reblogged by some science sites and tweeted around, and ultimately caught the attention of astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who works at Harvard. He liked the strip, and now it is on display next to the actual telescope that Annie Jump Cannon used.

Here is the telescope today:


And here, in an alcove beneath the dome wheel, is Annie Jump Cannon’s “Wonder Women of History strip:


Jonathan tells me that they are planning to spruce up the place later this year, and that he hopes that the strip will be put in a permanent display, but just having it next to the Great Refractor telescope is ridiculously cool. I’m glad that the post was popular and that so many people have enjoyed this strip already, and it’s wonderful that it’s now officially part of the observatory where Cannon worked and where it can be seen by everyone who visits there. “Wonder Women of History” was a great strip that inspired countless young readers of Wonder Woman in the 1940s, and it’s fantastic to see the strip still inspiring people today.


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