Great Wonder Woman Art By Emanuela Lupacchino From Comicdom Con Athens 2014

Emanuela Lupacchino is a fantastic Italian artist whose profile definitely seems to be on the rise in the mainstream North American comic book industry. Recently, she’s done a lot of work for DC, including covers for Worlds’ Finest, and interior art for Supergirl and the recent Lois Lane oneshot. She’s also got a great name that is tricky to spell, but since I type is so often doing my “Women at DC Comics Watch” posts, I’ve got it down now. One P, two Cs. Easy peasy.

I’m a huge fan of Lupacchino’s art, and recently she did a promotional piece featuring Wonder Woman for Comicdom Con Athens 2014, which was held last month in Greece. Wonder Woman is a smart choice for a convention in Athens, what with the Greek connections, and she definitely brought an Ancient Greek feel to this piece:


I really like this piece. It’s got a sort of an Adam Hughes vibe to it, but is still very much Lupacchino’s own style. I always enjoy alternate takes on Wonder Woman’s tiara, and I like what she did here, almost turning it into a crown. It’s a cool take on the boots as well, giving them a more old school feel. Plus, it’s nice to see Wonder Woman’s costume accented in gold; the silver of the New 52 is growing on me, but the gold is so iconic, and warmer as well. I find that the silver makes the outfit feel harsh and cold sometimes.

The Comicdom Con Athens 2014 site also has an interview with Lupacchino that is, quite literally, all Greek to me, so here’s a slightly awkward Google translation of it. You can see Emanuela Lupacchino next in Supergirl #31, out from DC Comics in a couple of weeks.


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One Response to “Great Wonder Woman Art By Emanuela Lupacchino From Comicdom Con Athens 2014”

  1. Popper Most Says:

    Technically she’s very good but her aesthetic is decisively not unique in that I can easily mistake her work for someone else’s. Also she tends to do their legs short, huge perfectly round boobies and down-to-the-belly-button cleavage like everyone else, you’d never guess a woman drew that stuff. This is a beautiful piece but Wonder Woman looks 5′, she’s at least 6’2 and I would like to never see those star earrings again, personally. For me Wonder Woman is all about not being a caked-up, manicured, lame ass female because nobody in Themyscira taught her that women need to artificially enhance their beauty through a multitude of painful, time consuming methods, because they aint naturally beautiful enough.

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