First Look At Ben Affleck As Batman OR They’re Doing The Dark Knight Returns, It Seems

After teasing the Batmanmobile yesterday, Zack Snyder took to Twitter today and tweeted not just a picture of the car, but of Batman standing next to it. The internet is, of course, flipping out right now, and so I thought I’d join in on the fun. Let’s take a look:


Starting with a positive, I like the ears a lot. I’ve long been a fan of a shorter eared Batman, and I like that that’s the direction the Man of Steel sequel is going. Though we should have expected as much, given all the Dark Knight Returns talk that’s been surrounding the movie since it was first announced. Look at Affleck above and look at this Frank Miller art from The Dark Knight Returns:


It’s got the short ears and a similar logo, plus Affleck looks really bulked up like Miller’s Batman. The influence is clear.

The one thing that concerns me, costumewise, is the neck. If that sucker is solid, it’s going to make Batman really stiff. Remember Batman Begins, and that solid neck piece? And most of the Batman movies before that, too. Batman had to turn his whole body to look around, and then they wisely changed the design in The Dark Knight to allow Batman to actually move his neck. Encasing Affleck’s head in a rubber cowl is going to make for some awkward movement. I think that the cowl from the 1966 Batman show is still the best Batman cowl thus far, solely because it’s actually fabric and Batman can move his head like a normal person.

All together, the picture is sort of cool, and if it were a completely different crew writing and directing the movie I’d probably be pretty excited. Unfortunately, I saw Man of Steel, and it was god awful, plus I went through the whole experience of being psyched by pictures and trailers before being colossally disappointed by the grey, soulless, joyless film we ended up with. It’s a cool picture, but ultimately I am fully expecting this movie to suck. Anything otherwise will be a pleasant surprise.


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4 Responses to “First Look At Ben Affleck As Batman OR They’re Doing The Dark Knight Returns, It Seems”

  1. Popper Most Says:

    kind of looks like catman wearing a padded potato sack

  2. darkteddyknight52 Says:

    The movie is recieving a rewrite or whatever you want to call it but yeah I hope they do better with this then Man of Steel.
    So now I’m thinking superman will be working with the U.S. Military in versus? Something will bring Batman out of retirement (involving Luthor) get the military’s attention leading to a confrontation between the world’s finest?
    No idea how Wonder Woman and Cyborg fit in tho

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