So The Flash TV Show Looks Pretty Great – Check Out The Promo And Five Minute Trailer

Comic book adaptations are getting picked up left and right, and DC Comics is set to have four new shows on three different TV networks this fall. Gotham on Fox looks like it could be cool, though a Batman show without Batman is kind of missing the best part, NBC’s Constantine trailer did nothing for me and, really, if you want to do Constantine properly it needs to be on cable, and iZombie doesn’t sound at all like the comic I quite enjoy apart from having a lady zombie lead.

But CW’s The Flash looks like some good old superhero fun, more in the vein of Avengers and Marvel’s other film properties than the dark worlds of Arrow, The Dark Knight, and Man of Steel. It’s certainly more colourful, which is a nice change of pace.

I’ve been enjoying Arrow, and am really curious to see what the team does with The Flash. I really like the idea of spinning off The Flash from Arrow, connecting the two and having it serve as a lighter, perhaps more fun counterpart to the heavier, moodier Arrow. The first promo for The Flash definitely played up the differences in tone between the two heroes:

And now this five-minute trailer gives us some more insight into what the show will look like. And it looks pretty freaking cool. There’s a bit where the Flash is battling the CW version of the Weather Wizard and counters the tornado he’s forming by running super fast in the opposite direction. This is something I can definitely get behind. Check it out:

I also like that they’re playing up the science angle. While Arrow is all about revenge and secrets and brute force, The Flash seems to be more about discovery and experimentation and smarts. It’s got a bit of a Fringe vibe, which is very cool. Plus it’s got a superhero who actually seems to enjoy being a superhero, which is something we haven’t seen from DC in a long while. There’s the usual dead parent set-up, and if you’re familiar with the Flash’s comics then you’ll know where all of that will eventually go, but Barry Allen seems far less haunted than what we’re used to seeing in our angst-ridden DC heroes.

The cast is also very diverse, and in a variety of ways, which is nice to see. The premise also sets up the possibility of future superheroes along with future bad guys, which could be a lot of fun. All together, The Flash looks like it’s going to be a blast. Yes, it’s ridiculous that we’ve got another live-action Flash before another live-action Wonder Woman, but at least this looks pretty cool. I’m optimistic we won’t have another Green Lantern or Man of Steel on our hands, and I’m excited to check out The Flash this fall.


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2 Responses to “So The Flash TV Show Looks Pretty Great – Check Out The Promo And Five Minute Trailer”

  1. Ainhoa Cadena Says:

    Yeees! Of COURSE I will check it out! Haha! If the pilot episode doesn´t show some funny scenes of Flash outrunning a car accidentally and going all fast into some people, I´m gonna to be dissapointed.

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