Cover And Creative Team For Wonder Woman: Futures End #1

A few weeks back we got the solicit for Wonder Woman: Futures End #1, the special issue that’s part of DC’s line-wide five year jump this September, but the details were sparse. We didn’t know who was writing or drawing it, or what the book would look like. My best bet was that Brian Azzarello would write the issue, given that he’s working on the Futures End weekly series, but that’s not the case.

First, here’s the cover for the book. It consists of two images, and one will turn into the other using that weird, tacky thing they do and charge an extra dollar for. So here’s part one:


Which will morph into:


That’s Tom Raney on the cover art, which is rather generic. After a few years of Cliff Chiang covers, this is a pretty big yawn for me.

Here’s the solicit for some context, along with the creative team:

Cover by TOM RANEY
Her humanity lost forever, Wonder Woman embraces her true nature as the God of War to battle the armies of Nemesis!

So Charles Soule, of Superman/Wonder Woman, is writing the book, along with art by Rags Morales, who was on the book briefly years ago when Greg Rucka was writing it. Soule is certainly familiar with Diana, though his take on her thus far has been little more than playing second fiddle to Superman. Morales was a fan favourite at DC a decade ago, but has been bouncing around a lot since then. Personally, I’m not really into his stuff, but he’s a capable artist.

Soule writing the book doesn’t mean that Azzarello’s run on Wonder Woman will end this August, though. While he and Chiang’s tenure is coming to a close soon, Azzarello confirmed on Twitter this afternoon that August won’t be their last issue. So we’ve got October at least, and possibly longer.

We also got the creative team for Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1, but no cover yet. Charles Soule is writing the book, while Tom Raney is on art and cover. Busy month for Soule and Raney!

Wonder Woman: Futures End #1 was originally solicited for September 17, but it’s been lumped with the Week Two cover releases, which should be out September 10, so the date may have changed. Perhaps it switched spots with Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1. Either way, it’ll be out in September and if Wonder Woman is already on your pull list, I’m sure you’ll local shop will put one away for you.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

6 thoughts on “Cover And Creative Team For Wonder Woman: Futures End #1

  1. I think the story starts on WW Futures End and will continue on Superman/Wonder Woman. so yes I think Superman will save WW f

    1. The fact that DC put Soule in charge of this shows they couldn’t care less about Wonder Woman. Soule is the man who had Wonder Woman drive 30 miles out to ask Lois Lane if she’d seen Clark before checking his apartment. This Wonder Woman is impossibly stupid and her imbecility was readily rewarded with some juicy news: her boyfriend gave Lois a booty call. Nice. I would’ve strangled him with the lasso but Wonder Woman was indifferent to the news, I don’t even think she understood the situation lol

    1. I did for the first few issues, but I didn’t really care for it so the reviews were mostly just me complaining. They weren’t particularly fun to watch, and I can’t imagine they were enjoyable to read, so I stopped doing them. It was an “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” sort of situation.

      1. oh I should take a hint. So people plead the 5th, helps explain why the internet’s replete with good reviews, Soule probably thinks he’s doing a hell of a good job, who knows he might even write the ongoing after Azz.

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