Cover For Futures End: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

We saw the Futures End: Wonder Woman #1 cover a week or so ago, and now we’ve got the cover for Futures End: Superman/Wonder Woman #1. The covers consist of two images, which will morph back and forth with amazing, early 1990s technology. Tom Raney drew the Wonder Woman cover, and drew the Superman/Wonder Woman one as well. Let’s take a look:



And here’s the solicit, with the creators added, to refresh your memory:

Art and cover by TOM RANEY
The battle between the God of War and Nemesis can only spell doom for humanity – but can Kal restore Diana to her senses before it’s too late?

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with timeline of these Futures End books. I’ve seen several Superman covers where someone claiming to be Superman is wearing a mask, but here we’ve got a regular Superman who looks just like his present, New 52 incarnation. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, is all hopped up on her God of War powers, as we saw on the Wonder Woman cover as well. The books are all supposedly jumping five years ahead, but maybe there’s some wiggle room in there. Or there’s two Supermans flying around. We’ll find out in September, I suppose.

I’m still not enthused about a comic where Superman has to restore Diana to her senses, but I’m never enthused about this book so my reaction is par for the course. I remain curious about what form Nemesis will take, though. It’s a familiar name to Wonder Woman fans, the code came for Tom Tresser, Wonder Woman’s love interest and secret agent partner back before the second last revamp, but he’s certainly not powerful enough to merit a battle with the God of War. I assume this Nemesis is a new threat, something big and possibly mythological. Again, we’ll find out in September.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

5 thoughts on “Cover For Futures End: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

  1. They always look like siblings but they look particularly like siblings in that top picture. Creepy.

    Also they seem to be ( again) mirroring the Supes/Lois romantic pose in front of the Daily Planet. It’s just funny bc given that CK doesn’t even work there anymore I really always associate the Planet more with Lois….it’s just so odd that they seem to be intent on trying to do some weird inferior copy of precious Supes/ Lois images. I don’t get it.

    I’m sure Diana will be saved by love or something and everyone will proclaim what a great writer Soule is and people will continue to ignore that her whole life revolves around Superman now. Next.

  2. hmmm…I’d like to know if WW saves Superman from his Doomsday transformation. At least then this book might be understandable and interesting. WW saves Superman, and the Superman does the same. Equal treatment, just like every relationship should be 🙂

    1. It’s forced as hell. Soule keeps setting up these forced situations where they “save” each other over and over again and it’s transparent and constantly a product of forced storytelling. Diana doesn’t need to be spending all her time saving him anymore than he needs to be doing it for her.

      And don’t pull that “this is what equal relationships look like.” It’s crap. Relationships are equal because people love and respect each other and choose to view each other as equals. Anything else is a sexist ruse.

      I also find it funny that when Lois Lane was emotionally saving Superman over and over again it was viewed as “not good enough” but apparently bc Diana has physical power it’s “equal” when she does it? That’s a messed up view of women, equality and relationships. That’s not healthy or mature.

      1. Them saving each other from continuously new and more powerful threats is a product of forced story telling? No, more like the product of gradual rise in tension and suspense 😛 lol!

        “And don’t pull that “this is what equal relationships look like.” It’s crap. Relationships are equal because people love and respect each other and choose to view each other as equals. Anything else is a sexist ruse.”

        I agree and I never would disagree. You just took my line out of context. I was referencing the stories and plots, not the actual relationship itself. Also, has Superman ever showed not to respect Wonder Woman or treat her as an equal? I don’t remember Superman ever acting like a sexist douche in the comic? Scott Lobdell is a sexist writer but Charles Soule is quite fine.

  3. Uh…I dislike so much that romance…As Kate said above, they look like siblings, and I fear so much that Wonder Woman will untimately be turned into a supporting character of Superman due to her status as his girlfriend, much like as everybody knows Green Arrow and they just know that Black Canary is his girlfriend. Wonder Woman is a character on her own,and unlike Superman, the story of her people, her own backstory before becoming Wonder Woman, isn`t told in the New 52. 😦

    And Steve Trevor isn`t also of many help…

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