Wendy’s Kids’ Meals Have Wonder Woman Toys And An Original Superman/Wonder Woman Comic Book


Superman/Wonder Woman is coming out monthly from DC Comics, and it’s not great. Superman and Wonder Woman are dating, and the whole story revolves around Superman with Wonder Woman as his plus one; the book is very Superman-driven. But there’s a new Superman/Wonder Woman comic from an unusual place, Wendy’s Kids’ Meals. The original comic, written by Josh Elder with art by Marcus To, is a lot of fun. There’s no annoying romance stuff, just a classic superhero team-up to defeat Brainiac. It’s a Superman villain yet again, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The story begins with an exhibit of Amazon artifacts at a Metropolis museum that is rudely interrupted by Brainiac. Superman and Wonder Woman split up the duties, with Superman flying off to confront Brainiac while Wonder Woman takes down his legion of robots:


Superman’s assault ends poorly, so Wonder Woman hops in the invisible jet and flies to Brainiac’s ship. The fight goes well initially:


But Brainiac soon gets the upper hand. The solution, of course, is teamwork! Superman and Wonder Woman work together to defeat Brainiac and through their combined efforts save the planet:


It’s an enjoyable comic from a team who knows how to tell fun stories. Josh Elder’s worked on the Scribblenauts and The Batman Strikes! comics, while Marcus To has drawn Red Robin, the Flash, the Huntress, and many other characters. The comic is edited by Alex Antone, one of DC’s big digital editors, and DC’s digital line has a solid track record of entertaining books. You can get the comic at Wendy’s, or check it out as a motion comic online.

But if you go to the restaurant, you can also get toys! Check out the cool stuff that comes with the kids’ meal:


That disc toss looks pretty fun, but I’m all about that invisible jet. I am definitely making a trip to Wendy’s in the near future to pick up one of those. It looks super cool.

My thanks to DC Women Kicking Ass for spotting the toys! It’s been a long time since we’ve had Wonder Woman toys in a chain restaurant kids’ meal.


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2 Responses to “Wendy’s Kids’ Meals Have Wonder Woman Toys And An Original Superman/Wonder Woman Comic Book”

  1. darkteddyknight52 Says:

    Was just thinking today. Whatever happened Marcus To?

  2. IronBerserk Says:

    In the recent Superman/Wonder Woman, Superman who is going insane and turning into Doomsday actually brings up the point about how he feels that he is out of the loop when it comes to Wonder Woman’s personal life. Why she doesn’t ask for his help when it comes to her problems such as the First Born, her other enemies, etc… He’s basically going insane and putting blame on others.

    The book itself may not be that good but I thought it was an interesting attempt to try and salvage the fact that the book is about mostly Superman’s villains. At least they brought up the flaw. Who knows, maybe Soule might actually turn it into a character trait somehow? Just a thought.

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