Superman/Wonder Woman #9 Preview OR The Doomed Get Doomedier

I’m taking a break from lounging on the beach to put up this preview of Superman/Wonder Woman #9, partly because I always put up previews of Wonder Woman books and partly because the site DC Comics has given the exclusive preview to looks so hilariously bad that it merits comment and scorn. The site is called Man Cave Daily, with headers that feature such illuminating topics as “Sex”, “Women”, and “Swagger.”” From the sidebar (which is as far as I’ve gone… I can’t bear to explore the rest of the page) we’ve got great articles like the “Hottie of the Day” and “5 Reasons Why Boobs Fascinate Guys.” Really great stuff; this is definitely a site that should host a preview of a Wonder Woman comic book.

Anyway, let’s look at said preview, courtesy of Man Cave Daily:

sww9a sww9b sww9c sww9d sww9e

Well, it seems that the Doomsday virus is not going well for Superman. And that the events of the last issue of Action Comics have him in Brazil under a Kryptonite sky. Wonder Woman’s there to sort it out, though, with her pal Hessia and a cool Amazonian weapon of some sort. I’m sure Wonder Woman will have Superman trussed up and carted off to S.T.A.R. Labs before the issue is over.

Wait, what’s that? This crossover is running through the summer? Then never mind. There will probably be a fight, some expressing of feelings, and then Superman will continue to rampage until the story ends. And, if this preview is any indication, there’ll be a lot of double page spreads so that you can read the issues in three minutes. Fun!

Ah, sarcasm. I’ve been relaxing a lot lately, and thus have not been snarking much at all. It’s nice to get back in the groove. Look for Superman/Wonder Woman #9 in comic shops and online this Wednesday. It’s also got a “Bombshell” variant cover, so if you’re interested in those keep your eyes peeled or ask your local shop to set one aside for you.


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2 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #9 Preview OR The Doomed Get Doomedier”

  1. Green Says:

    prepare yourself for repetitive stories, doomed probably will sink Superman books

  2. Popper Most Says:

    Another great instalment, god I love this book.

    Diana – you have to help Superman Hessia please!
    Hessia – but Diana..I’m not a god, if I go near that thing I will probably DIE!
    Diana – Please I’m begging you!

    Doomsday: who’s that?
    Superman: It’s Hessia, a doctor, she’s here to help us! us!

    Impeccable writing as per usual

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