Wonder Woman #32 Preview OR Strife Comes To Olympus

If you read my review of Wonder Woman #31, you’ll know I was none too pleased with the sons of the Amazons returning to Paradise Island, and this next issue starts with them moving in. I have no idea who at DC thought this was a good idea, but it seems to be happening. In this preview of Wonder Woman #32 from Nerdist, we get a glimpse of moving day and a look at what some of the gods are up to. Let’s take a peek:

ww32a ww32b ww32c




Hell’s gone all weird without Hades to control it, while Strife has come to Mount Olympus. That can only end badly for someone; Strife is always up to no good. In particular, it could spell trouble for Wonder Woman, seeing as Strife has been rather irked with her as of late.

I’m hoping that the Amazon attack on Olympus finally happens in this issue. The build to it has been going on for a while, with little else happening in the book but divine shenanigans and the complete undoing of the Amazon’s legacy. I’m ready for a big fight.

Wonder Woman #32 is out today, online and in comic shops everywhere. Look for a review here tomorrow probably; I’m still out of town, but am planning to give the book a read and write something up tonight.


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