Women At Marvel Comics Watch – September 2014 Solicits


I’m still catching up on a few things, post-vacation, and one of them is the Marvel solicits for September. Yet again, they aren’t very good for female creators or new female characters, which is unfortunate. Marvel is capable of so much better. Let’s go through their September 2014 solicits:

  • For writers, Kelly Sue DeConnick is on Captain Marvel #7, G. Willow Wilson pens Ms. Marvel #8, and Robin Furth is co-writing Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three – The Prisoner #1 and Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three – The Prisoner #2 (the book double-ships in September).
  • For artists, Stephanie Hans is doing a variant cover for Storm #3 and Sara Pichelli is doing the cover for All-New X-Men #32.
  • And that’s it.
  • For new books, the Death of Wolverine is the big new thing, shipping weekly throughout the month. There are also some Spider-Verse tie-ins, including Edge of Spider-Verse #2 which features a universe where Gwen Stacey is the webbed superhero. There are also two new licensed properties, Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three – The Prisoner and George Romero’s Empire of the Dead: Act Two, neither of which appear to have much in the way of female characters.

All together, the September solicits list 5 different female creators working on 6 different books, a very slight increase from August’s 5 and 5. This is pitiful. There are vast numbers of skilled female creators out there, many of whom Marvel has hired before, so only having 5 across more than 70 comics books is just inexcusable. Great women creators are out there and not difficult to find. I really don’t understand why they’re not hitting double digits with ease each month.

If we want to look on the positive side, last September Marvel had only 3 different women working on 4 different books, so I suppose they’ve gone from terrible to a little bit less terrible over the course of a year. Well done!

In terms of female characters, while an issue about Gwen Stacey as Spider-Woman sounds like a lot of fun, it’s a one-and-done story that won’t be back next month. It’s a relatively quiet month for new titles at Marvel, so technically a female-led story is decent representation, but it’s not lasting representation by any means.

Overall, these numbers are awful. The five female creators are fantastic talents, but only five is appallingly few. Marvel is capable of so much better. There are more ladies working on Lumberjanes than there are in the whole of Marvel’s September solicits. It’s ridiculous.


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