A Monster Variant Cover For Wonder Woman #35 In October

This October, DC Comics is trotting out yet another line of variant covers. We’ve had several so far this year: Mike Allred’s Batman ’66, bombshell pinups, MAD, steampunk, the upcoming selfie variants, and more. But for October, DC is going for a Halloween theme with monster-inspired variants.

Buzzfeed has posted a peek at a few of the covers, including Aaron Lopresti’s cover for Wonder Woman #35. Let’s take a look:


I like this cover a lot. Lopresti’s vampire Wonder Woman is lovely and creepy at the same time, and I enjoy the tweaks he’s made to the costume to capture a vampiric feel. And is that Steve Trevor as an Igor-like character in the front right? That’s a fun touch. It’s nice to have Aaron Lopresti back on Wonder Woman; I really enjoyed his work back when Gail Simone was writing the book.

The Wonder Woman cover is considerably less gruesome than the rest of the covers that have been released. Both Action Comics and Superman are fairly gruesome, and Justice League features more grotesque vampire versions of several characters and a nasty zombie Superman. If I didn’t like Lopresti’s cover so much, I could make a point about how the industry seems to dictate that female characters must always be sexy, even during a month dedicated to monsters, but it’s a really nice cover and monsters don’t have to always be gruesome. Plus, the Wonder Woman on Rafael Albuquerque’s is pretty grisly (and great):


Look for the monster variant covers this October. Wonder Woman’s got one for sure, and presumably Superman/Wonder Woman will as well, since it’s been part of every other variant line. They’ll make for some spooktacular Halloween fun.


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3 Responses to “A Monster Variant Cover For Wonder Woman #35 In October”

  1. Ainhoa Cadena Says:

    Wonder Woman as a vampire is a great idea for October! So much people love vampires! And yes, I`ve seen the rest of the covers from the other books… so I presume that people who judge a book by its cover, will pick up the Wonder Woman comic book! It`s visually more pleasing, and pre-New 52 fans like me will gladly pick up a Lopresti`s cover!

  2. Alan Yates Says:

    I second this! A story based around a vampire Wonder Woman would be amazing. DC needs to get on this stat!

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