Superman/Wonder Woman #10 Preview OR No Wonder Woman So Far

The “Doomed” storyline continues in this week’s Superman/Wonder Woman #10, following up on whatever happened in the last issue of Action Comics. Superman is turning into a Doomsday monster and doing lots of crazy things, I guess. I don’t know; Superman is not why I read this book. Which is irksome this month because Wonder Woman doesn’t appear in any of the five pages of this preview, courtesy of Hero Complex. Take a look, and maybe click the double page spreads for a better view:





So Superman’s in space, Lana Lang and Steel are going after him, and Wonder Woman is nowhere to be seen. But fear not! Wonder Woman is supposed to fight Lois in this issue, so we’ve got that to look forward to. Hurrah.

Although he was scheduled to draw the book, it looks like Tony S. Daniel is only doing the cover, with Paulo Siqueira and Pascal Alixe handling the interior art. Daniel was recently announced as the writer and artist of a new Deathstroke series, set to begin this fall, so I’m not optimistic that we’ll see him back on Superman/Wonder Woman apart from his already drawn covers.

If you’re not terribly excited about this Wonder Woman-less preview, here’s something to cheer you up. DC is celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary with a series of variant covers this month, and the fantastic Karl Kerschl did the variant for Superman/Wonder Woman #10 with a cool futuristic vibe. Check it out:


Man, I love Karl Kerschl. And I’d love to see him draw Wonder Woman someday.

Look for Superman/Wonder Woman #10 in comic shops and online tomorrow! Hopefully Wonder Woman will show up at some point.


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5 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #10 Preview OR No Wonder Woman So Far”

  1. Kate Says:

    I’m sure she will show up. She will fight someone and punch someone and be super supportive of Superman and maybe she’ll tell him how much she believes in him and how much she loves him. Meanwhile, poor Lois Lane has literally been cast as a villain in this arc and has either been possessed or in a coma for a year now which is gross. They’ll let Lana Lang have a decent role because no one actually views Lana Lang as a threat to this super romance. Lois actually is competition which is why she’s been treated so terribly for the past 3 years. And all the supporters of the book will cry, “See! Wonder Woman is super strong in this book. I don’t know why everyone hates this book and this relationship. She saved him/saved someone/used her sword/was very strong.”

    Meanwhile, the rest of us sit here seemingly the only ones aware that a female character created to have her own narrative and her own supporting cast has essentially been turned into a woman who’s entire narrative drive is on how much he loves Superman. It’s sexism posing as feminism which is the first kind of sexism.

    Wake me up when this is over.

  2. Popper Most Says:

    I’m so glad Tony Daniel will depart this book as I prefer Siqueira 10 times over

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