DC Unveils New Wonder Woman Statue Designed By Cliff Chiang

San Diego Comic-Con is almost upon us, and DC Collectibles have revealed an array of new products that will be available at the convention, including a fantastic new Wonder Woman statue by Cliff Chiang. The statue shows Wonder Woman in the armour she received from Hephaestus during Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s current run on Wonder Woman:

wwstatueIt’s also a really gorgeous statue. Holy wow.

The sculpt perfectly captures the armour from the comics, and is a great representation of Chiang’s take on the character. I love the paint job on the metal especially; it looks aged and battle tested. And with her sword and her lasso, she’s clearly ready for a fight. Plus the base is the Wonder Woman symbol, which is pretty fun.

The statue is part of DC Collectible’s “Wonder Woman Art of War” line. Past statues have been designed by Adam Hughes, George Perez, Jim Lee, and Yanick Paquette, and DC also announced a Tony S. Daniel that will be available at Comic Con next weekend. The Chiang statue is my favourite thus far, partly because I love Chiang’s work and partly because it looks super cool.

You can pick up the statue at DC Entertainment’s booth at Comic-Con if you’re lucky enough to be at the convention, and if not it will be available via their online store, and probably in comic shops soon. The previous statues in the line sell for $79.95, so I’d expect the same pricing. My birthday’s in September, by the way, if any of you all are looking to get me something…


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