Wonder Woman #33 Preview OR Hera Takes Charge

We’re in the final stretch of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s run on Wonder Woman, with only three issues left before Meredith and David Finch take over in November. That’s only 60 pages of comics, and thanks to Comic Vine we’ve got a look at the first 5 pages in this preview of Wonder Woman #33. Let’s check it out:








Wonder Woman’s got herself in a bad spot, but remains uncompromising despite her predicament. I love how Cliff Chiang has drawn Wonder Woman in this scene; while she may be beaten and captured, she exudes defiance in the face of the First Born’s offers. I’m going to miss Cliff Chiang so bad.

Back on Paradise Island, Orion is being a jerk and trying to take control of the situation, and Hera isn’t having any of it. It was nice to see Hera standing up to Orion and shutting him down, but the look of concern on Zola’s face is very telling. As much as she’s learned since she lost her powers, now Hera has her powers back and her son has taken over Olympus. If she’s forced to choose between the First Born and her new kinship with Zola and the Amazons, it wouldn’t surprise me if she betrayed her friends for her family. Hera’s going to be a key player to watch out for as this arc comes to a close, I think.

Wonder Woman #33 is on sale this Wednesday in comic stores everywhere and online. You should definitely pick it up, because there are only three issues of Cliff Chiang drawing Wonder Woman left! Enjoy them while you can.

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One Response to “Wonder Woman #33 Preview OR Hera Takes Charge”

  1. Eron Says:

    How is Hera doing anything against anyone a good thing? Hera is wellknown as a bitch!

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