Some Wonder Woman Comic Book Teases From Brian Azzarello At Fan Expo


Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s three year run on Wonder Woman is coming to a close this October, with two full issues of Wonder Woman remaining (Wonder Woman #34 got pushed back from its usual spot in August to the first week of October) and her origin story in Secret Origins #6. That’s a lot of pages left for surprises and revelations, and during the “Champions of Justice” panel at Fan Expo in Toronto this past weekend, Brian Azzarello promised some of both.

Bleeding Cool and Comic Book Resources had full reports on the panel, where Azzarello reflected on the upcoming end of his Wonder Woman tenure. He said that they’re ending the book where they’d always planned to end it, and that, “We told the story we wanted to tell, and we maintained the character throughout.” The only plan Azzarello had that he didn’t get to explore was a romance for Wonder Woman with someone other than Superman, but once the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship began elsewhere in the New 52 universe his plan was off the table.

Wonder Woman has ended each “season” of this run with a big, crazy finale before the September event book break, and it sounds like the grand finale is going to be more of the same. Here’s what we can expect in the last few issues:

  • “There’s a revelation that’s never been touched on in her origin in the next issue.”
  • “A real big reveal in 34.”
  • “Then Secret Origin has a huge reveal.”

Not surprisingly, Azzarello was tight lipped about what any of those reveals might be. If you’re at all familiar with Wonder Woman‘s solicits and Azzarello’s interviews generally, the man doesn’t like to give anything away. However, he did unveil a pretty obvious scoop, stating:

“Come on, you guys know how this works. She’s not going to die. I mean, some characters will die in the finale, but she won’t be one of them.”

Azzarello also had some words of wisdom for Meredith and David Finch, who are taking over Wonder Woman in November. He said:

“You have to treat Wonder Woman different than you treat Superman or Batman or any other characters. Wonder Woman fans are really passionate about that character. You can mess up some of the other characters a bit more but that character deserves your respect. She represents things to people that have nothing to do with the comic book at all.”

Which is solid advice. I’m hoping that Azzarello learned from that himself and that some of the more unpleasant things he’s added to the Amazon’s history will be undone in these last couple of issues. I’m not holding my breath, though.

David Finch was at the panel as well, and he said that the book has been a challenge for him, both in larger ways, like creating a story that’s respectful to the character, and in smaller ways, like getting Wonder Woman’s hair right. Preview pages for the Finch’s first issue show the Justice League and Swamp Thing, but Finch said that Swamp Thing is only in the first issue and that the Justice League have only a minor role in the series. I remain very skeptical about this creative team, but I will say this: David Finch has definitely gotten better at talking about the book after his disastrous first few interviews.

So it sounds like we’re set for some big reveals and lots of excitement this October. Azzarello’s reveals haven’t sat well with a lot of Wonder Woman fans in the past, myself included, so I’m a little wary of more, and bigger, reveals, but hopefully he pulls it all together well. While I’ve had my qualms with his run, there’s been a lot of good too and I’m absolutely cheering for Azzarello to stick a great ending. Either way, we know it will be gorgeous with Cliff Chiang drawing it, and three Cliff Chiang stories in one month is just an embarrassment of riches.


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