Check Out Darwyn Cooke’s Four Wonder Woman-Centric Variant Covers Coming This December

Continuing their now regular variant cover themes for each month, DC has announced that their December variant theme will be widescreen Darwyn Cooke art. Cooke is the acclaimed multi-award winning artist of DC: The New Frontier and more recently his Parker adaptations, and his superhero art is often a gorgeous Silver Age homage combined with his own tweaks to the characters.

Of the 23 covers Cooke is drawing, 4 feature part of the Wonder Woman mythos in some capacity, mainly Wonder Woman herself but also another fun gal. So let’s take a look at what we’ll be searching frantically for in December because they’ve all sold out instantaneously. I’ve gotten the covers from Comics Alliance, who in turn got the covers from the variety of sites where DC debuted them.

First up, here’s Cooke’s cover for Wonder Woman #37:


The covers will fold out, thus their odd shape as compared to normal cover size. I like this cover a lot; I’m always up for cool changes to Wonder Woman’s costume so long as she still looks like Wonder Woman, and she most definitely does here. And what’s more fun than Wonder Woman fighting a bunch of minotaurs? I don’t love the lasso, though. The hard black line and the lack of glow and detail is leaving me a bit cold. But that’s just being nitpicky.

Next up is Superman/Wonder Woman #14:


The variant covers for this series have sold me more on this relationship than the contents of the book ever have. Last month’s selfie variant was just adorable, and this is a lovely, cozy depiction with more warmth and charm than DC has yet been able to muster out of these two in the comics. Using Superman’s cape as an intergalactic picnic blanket is an especially nice touch. Wonder Woman’s bracelets are the wrong colour but again, nitpicky.

Wonder Woman is also part of the cover for Justice League #37:


It’s a nice group portrait, and it’s good to see Wonder Woman in a prominent position. And smiling; a lot of the guys are trying to look like tough dudes. As a Justice League portrait, it would’ve been nice to see Zatanna or another female character to add more ladies to the mix, seeing as 8 of the 10 characters are male. But yet again, a nitpick.

Finally, Wonder Girl shows up in Cooke’s Teen Titans #5 variant:


Remember when the Teen Titans were fun and not angsty and dark all the time? I miss those days. As does Darwyn Cooke, apparently. Wonder Girl, also missed in the current New 52 universe, is front and center on the cover, rocking out with the rest of the team. Plus the bracelets are the right colour and everything! No nitpicks here.

All of these covers will be available throughout the month of December. If you want to pick them up, I’d recommend talking to your local comic shop now about getting them set aside for you, because I wouldn’t be surprised if the demand was through the roof.


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