Tonner Unveils New 16′ Diana Prince Doll Collection

A year or so ago, I did a post about a 16′ Wonder Woman doll produced by Tonner. It was part of their DC Stars Collection, and had Wonder Woman in a finely detailed New 52 costume. The doll looked pretty impressive, albeit prohibitively pricey for me anyway. However, it sounds like it was a big hit with some folks with deep pockets, because now Tonner has an entire Diana Prince line that, while expensive, looks quite nice.

You can start with the Diana Prince basic doll for $119.99. It’s the standard 16′ doll, finely sculpted and all of that jazz, with a simple camisole and briefs:


But you can build from there. You can get the New 52 Wonder Woman outfit for $99.99. Yeah, that’s a hundred bucks for a costume for a 16′ doll. You could buy several outfits for a full size human person for a hundred bucks. I mean, I assume it’s tricky to make things look nice at such a small scale, but wow that’s a lot of money for a very small amount of fabric. Anyway, this is the outfit you get:


There’s also a Beyond the Stars pantsuit, again just the outfit, not the doll, for $99.99:


And a fancy Modern Day Princess gown, again just the gown, for $109.99:


There are also three more Diana Prince dolls with different outfits. These are pricier, but the doll is included. First up is a lovely evening gown doll for $179.99:


Then a weird “Undercover” blonde doll that doesn’t look like Wonder Woman at all for $189.99:


And finally, my favourite of the set, the Princess of Paradise Island doll for $199.99:


That’s really quite nice. If I had a couple hundred bucks I didn’t need for, you know, general life expenses, I’d probably get that doll. It’s really impressive.

The final three dolls are available currently, while the other basic doll and its outfits should be available in the next couple weeks and you can pre-order them now. These things are investments, right? I assume they appreciate in value? I’m having trouble wrapping my head around why people pay a couple hundred bucks for a doll. I feel like a Rockefeller when I drop $20 on a DC Direct Wonder Woman action figure.


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