Here Are Some Of DC Comics’ New Shirt Designs, Inspired By Their Hit New Superman/Wonder Woman Shirt

Yesterday, DC Women Kicking Ass pointed out a new t-shirt design featuring Wonder Woman and Superman engaging in a romantic embrace. Here’s what it looks like:

This is a real shirt. You can buy it for $19.99.

So if it wasn’t bad enough that DC is attempting to introduce the stupid Superman/Wonder Woman romance to a wider audience, they’re doing so in this gross, bro-centric fashion. Both DC Comics and whoever they licensed to make shirts for them need to have their heads examined, because this is awful.

And, sadly, not terribly out of place. DC has licensed shirts for girls with the Superman logo and the line, “I only date heroes”, while a line of workout gear for women includes a shirt that reads, “Training to be Batman’s wife.” It seems that women can’t be superheroes themselves, but maybe they’ll be lucky and some day kiss, date, or even marry a superhero. These shirts all have terrible messages, and I’m particularly incensed about the diminishment of Wonder Woman in the kiss shirt above. By turning her into Superman’s “score” they make her only a sexual object, and negate all of her superheroism and power.

However, DC Comics seems poised to double down on their horrendous Superman/Wonder Woman shirts with some new designs that should debut shortly. These are definitely 100% real shirts and not something I whipped up this afternoon in my favourite knock off Photoshop program to make fun of DC Comics and their penchant for sexist products. I would never, ever do that. I am far too respectful.


First up, DC is keen to get Batman in on the action as well, so here he is putting the moves on everyone’s favourite feline fatale. Expect to see dudes wearing this at comic conventions across the country soon:


And they can’t leave the Flash out! This new shirt design features the Flash and his lady friend, Iris West. It’s a little crass for my tastes, but DC is pretty keen on this one:


DC also wants to reach a female audience, so they’ve made this shirt for the ladies inspired by the New 52’s characterization of Starfire. While I’m not so sure that this is the message that female fans will want to communicate, DC is very confident that they know how to appeal to women:



Finally, DC Comics wants to honour the legacy of “women in refrigerators” by immortalizing the moment that inspired Gail Simone’s original coining of the term. I’m not 100% sure that DC is going about this the right way, but DC really thinks this shirt will strike a chord with feminists while appealing to their dudebro audience. I don’t know, DC. You may be going too far with this one:


I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peak at these shirts that aim to continue the message of DC Comics’ hit new Superman/Wonder Woman shirt. They’re certainly in line with products that DC is currently selling in stores right now, and isn’t that just the saddest thing.


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5 Responses to “Here Are Some Of DC Comics’ New Shirt Designs, Inspired By Their Hit New Superman/Wonder Woman Shirt”

  1. Kate Says:

    Lois Lane is the most famous superhero ” wife/lover” in history and even she would rather shoot herself than wear one of those wife shirts. Her shirt would be a Daily Planet tee and it would read “Better than you.” Or, she would just wear the S symbol. No qualifier.

  2. Derek Says:

    You can count me out from selling these sexist shirts on my website. How in the world did these get approved by WBCP?

  3. Lettie Says:

    I don’t know, Tim. I seriously hesitate between a t-shirt with my favorite Green Lantern asking his girlfriend stuffed in his refrigerator to make him a sandwich, and a t-shirt with an oversexualized Starfire saying that she is DTF (Down To F***). What a dilemma! *sarcasm*

  4. Burbano Says:

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