Some Fun Alternatives To DC Comics’ Terrible New Superman/Wonder Woman Shirt

Yesterday, I did a post about an awful new shirt featuring Superman and Wonder Woman. This terrible shirt is a real thing, available for purchase now:

I then mocked up a bunch of fake shirts, poking fun at DC’s penchant for sexist clothing, attempting to make each shirt more offensive than the last. Turns out, DC products are so generally ridiculous that a few people were confused as to whether my intentionally awful shirts were real or fake, which is a sad commentary on DC’s shirt line.

While making my bad shirts, I kept having ideas for fun shirts, so I mocked up a bunch of those and put them on Twitter. They went over pretty well, so I’ve collected them here.

First up was this alternative to DC’s “Training to be Batman’s wife” shirt:


This turned out to be similar to a real shirt that DC makes, and that sits on shelves next to their horribly sexist offerings.

Next was Lois Lane’s reaction to DC’s Superman/Wonder Woman shirt:


Then something with the Bat-ladies:


Mera speaking her mind:


Wonder Woman’s morning routine:


And finally, Supergirl shaking it off:


I really wish that last one was real. I would definitely wear that.

Anyway, call me DC! I will happily sell you my designs so you can stop putting out such offensive apparel, and for a reasonable fee, I promise. I’ll even give you the last one for free, because I want it to be real. Hit me up!


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5 Responses to “Some Fun Alternatives To DC Comics’ Terrible New Superman/Wonder Woman Shirt”

  1. loudlysilent Says:

    Tim, these are AWESOME!! I would hang each of these shirts on my wall. I’ll share this as widely as possible!

  2. Karl Says:

    There are worse t shitrs than these hanging about Tim, believe me! I think at one time DC brought out nothing else but sexually offensive t-shirts!

  3. DeAnna Says:

    I like your version better for the Wonder Woman shirt. Come on DC, hook a gal up!

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