Wonder Woman #34 Preview OR The Penultimate Issue For Azzarello And Chiang

After skipping its original August release date, presumably to give Chiang time to draw all of this issue and the next, Wonder Woman #34 will hit stores this Wednesday, followed by Wonder Woman #35 later this month. This is the second last issue of Azzarello and Chiang’s three year run, and everything looks to be coming to a head. AV Club has a five page preview of the issue, so let’s take a look:







I’m so glad that Hippolyta is back, even if it’s just in statue form. She’s not taking ANY of the First Born’s guff at all. I have the feeling that if she’d been around for this run, the whole First Born thing would have been over a lot sooner. She’s one fierce lady.

Poor Wonder Woman is still tied up in the First Born’s gross lair, hallucinating and whatnot, and Strife showing up could go either way. She’s been trying to kill Wonder Woman for a while now, but deep down I think she likes her. I hope she helps Wonder Woman, because that would be a nice moment for a character I really enjoy. Wonder Woman will figure out how to take her down and escape if she has to, though, I’m sure.

Hera being so uncool is bumming me out. It’s absolutely the right call, of course; if this story has taught us anything, it’s that gods are capricious fiends. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a redemptive, heroic moment for Hera at some point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get one. It would be fitting not to. It’s a dark book.

Also, with just two issues left, where is Athena?! She hasn’t shown up yet, and I’m still thinking there might be a deus ex machina with her at some point in these last couple issues. Her absence is very conspicuous.

Look for Wonder Woman #34 in stores and online tomorrow. Only two issues left before the Finches! Enjoy it while you can.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman #34 Preview OR The Penultimate Issue For Azzarello And Chiang”

  1. loudlysilent Says:

    I’m really going to miss Cliff Chiang! I wonder what he’ll be working on next?

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I’m wondering that as well! I haven’t heard his name attached to anything, and I know he gets a lot of non-comics work too. I’m sort of worrying that we won’t see him on another monthly anytime soon.

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