Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Review: “Generations, Part 2” by Michael Jelenic, Drew Johnson, and Ray Snyder


I quite enjoyed the first part of “Generations” in last week’s digital issue of Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, and I’m very glad to see that the story ended with an even stronger issue this week. Editors Kristy Quinn and Jessica Chen have done a fantastic job of cutting up a comic book that was created to be a standard, 22 page floppy into two digital issues; that can be a hard transition to pull off, and it worked out beautifully. I can absolutely see why they wanted to save this older, unprinted fill-in issue from the dustbin. It’s a lovely story, with excellent work from everyone involved.

The issue picked up where we left off last week, with Hippolyta bored out of her mind at her birthday party and Diana fighting the Cheetah over a phoenix egg. Part one was a strong mix of humour and action, and part two continued both of those elements and adds in some heart as well. It turns out that Diana skipped her mother’s party to go get her the phoenix egg to replace the one she broke as a child, fulfilling a promise she made years before. It was a heartwarming ending to a great story.

It was also a well constructed ending, as Wonder Woman was able to defeat the Cheetah by remembering the lessons that her mother taught her. In getting a gift for Hippolyta, Diana had to use all of the gifts that Hippolyta gave her. The relationship between Wonder Woman and Hippolyta is one of my favourites in all of comics, though I find it’s rarely done well. Michael Jelenic has done a marvelous job exploring it here, and it’s nice to see that Sensation Comics has depicted their relationship well in several stories now.

Jelenic also captured the core of who Wonder Woman is and what she stands for in a great speech given by Hippolyta to her daughter. “Fighting for something bigger than yourself” is not a groundbreaking sentiment, but it was delivered in a way that showed how important that message is to both Wonder Woman and the Amazons as a whole. Plus, the setting with the fire and Hippolyta explaining that the fireside is where knowledge has been passed down for generations added some extra gravitas to the scene. It was my favourite moment in what was a very strong issue.

The moment’s impact was heavily aided by artists Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder as well. Their art was just as fantastic as what we saw last week, and the regal majesty they instilled in Hippolyta added even more to the already great speech. The rest of the book was lovely too; they really hit it out of the park on every level, from big fight choreography down to small, quiet moments. What are these guys up to now, anyway? Google tells me that Johnson’s been on Ghost for Dark Horse; that’s a nice fit. I’m surprised he hasn’t had a more prominent Big Two gig lately, though. The man is very talented.

Lizzy John’s colouring continued to be strong in part two, especially as all of the scenes merged together.   Part one began with different palettes for each scene: Wonder Woman and the Cheetah, Hippolyta at Themyscira, and flashback to young Diana and her mother. They all became united via fire, through the fire raging in Wonder Woman’s battle to the fire in the flashback to Hippolyta watching the battle from afar. The colour from the fire bled into each different locale, bringing them all together. Also, nicely done by whoever came up with using the fire to unite the scenes, whether it was the writer or the artist. It was very effective.

All together, this was a great story, and I think it’s going to look fantastic in print, the way it was originally created. Again, you’ll have to wait until January for that, but both digital issues are lovely too. So we’ve already got the full January print book released digitally, and are still waiting on stories from December, November, and even October! I’m starting to enjoy the randomness of the digital release schedule. It’s like a surprise every week.


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