Women At Marvel Comics Watch – January 2015 Solicits


While DC has been hitting record highs with female creators in their solicits, Marvel has been lagging far behind, rarely breaking out of the single digits. A new year is a good place for a new start, but January 2015 looks to be a continuation of the same old for Marvel, even with some new and returning names in the mix. Let’s take a look at the solicits in our new format:

  • Erica Henderson: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (cover, interior art)
  • G. Willow Wilson: Ms. Marvel #11 (writing), X-Men #23 (writing)
  • Kathryn Immonen: Operation S.I.N. #1 (writing), Spider-Verse #2 (writing)
  • Kelly Sue DeConnick: Captain Marvel #11 (writing)
  • Marguerite Bennett: Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #2 (co-writing)
  • Sara Pichelli: Star Wars #1 (variant cover)
  • Siya Oum: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (variant cover)
  • Stephanie Hans: Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #2 (cover, interior art), Storm #7 (cover)

This is considerably shorter than DC’s list. Less than a third, in fact.   All together, 8 different female creators are set to work on 9 different books in January, a slight increase from December’s 7 and 7, but barely so. What’s bizarre is that half of the list wasn’t solicited in December. That’s 4 new names, and the numbers barely ticked up because several women didn’t return this month. That’s some poor retention, and a weak showing across the board.

Not that there aren’t positives in the mix, of course. A second book for G. Willow Wilson is a smart move, and Kathryn Immonen is back after a lengthy absence with the Operation S.I.N. mini-series starring Peggy Carter. Plus, Squirrel Girl! With a regular female artist too.

January is actually pretty decent for female characters in new books. On top of Peggy Carter and Squirrel Girl, Rogue and Scarlet Witch comprise 2 of the 7 members of the new Uncanny Avengers, Star Wars #1 features Princess Leia, and two of the characters features in Wolverines are ladies: X-23 and Lady Deathstrike. The men still outnumber the women in most of these titles, but at least there’s representation across many of Marvel’s new comics.

The female creator numbers remain stagnant, however. It seems that the NYCC announcements haven’t had a big effect yet, though some of them did show up in January and the totals barely changed. I am optimistic that February will bring more female creators to Marvel, but then again I was optimistic about January and look what happened here. Marvel really needs to step up their game. DC hasn’t hired ALL of the women yet. There’s lots more out there.


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