Check Out The Wonder Woman Covers For February’s Harley Quinn Variant Month

In what is a rather smart move to capitalize on the popularity of one of their most successful characters, DC Comics has announced their next variant cover theme: Harley Quinn. The covers will debut in February, and both New 52 Wonder Woman series will be part of the line. With some excellent artists, too!

First up, Phil Jimenez has drawn the variant cover for Wonder Woman #39, with Hi-Fi on colours. Let’s take a look, courtesy of Newsarama:


Jimenez is beloved by the Wonder Woman fan community for his excellent run on the book years back, and it’s always fun to have him return to the character. This cover is a good laugh, with Harley besting Diana to become the new Wonder Woman with the help of her comically over-sized hammer. It’s very cute.

Next up is Superman/Wonder Woman #16, by Francis Manapul, courtesy of Comic Book Resources:


I love Manapul’s art, and this cover is just lovely. Somehow, the Superman/Wonder Woman variants we’ve seen over the past year from a variety of great artists sell me on their relationship more than the comics inside ever have. Manapul’s captured something very nice here, with Harley coming along to spoil the party, as always. This is a great one too!

Finally, just for the fun of it, former Wonder Woman artist Cliff Chiang has done a variant cover for Batgirl #39, and it’s fantastic. I miss you so much, Cliff!!


He’s just the best.

Look for all of these variants this February, and as always with variants it’s probably best to talk to your local comic shop ahead of time and get them to set one aside for you if there are any you’re keen on. They tend to go pretty quick.


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8 Responses to “Check Out The Wonder Woman Covers For February’s Harley Quinn Variant Month”

  1. Kate Says:

    The variants have often looked more like friendship and this isn’t any different. I’ve never had trouble buying that Superman and WW are great friends who love each other deeply in that context and covers that present them more as family as opposed to the forced romance angle are just way more natural.

    I have to be honest that I don’t really “get” Harley Quinn. I’ve never really understood her popularity and she doesn’t appeal to me but I can’t begrudge a popular female character getting positive attention and welling well.

  2. rollo Says:

    Over at they have an interview with Meredith finch that shows a new cover for wonder woman #36 by David finch. I think it is better than the old one but would like to hear you’re opinion.

  3. rollo Says:

    Actually it’s a variant but it’s better than the main one.

  4. Max Says:

    The Harley Quinn Wonder Woman variant is an homage to Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #250 by the great Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano.’
    BTW, I really loved your book on WW. Great read!

  5. rollo Says:

    The batgirl one is actually a homage to the killing joke cover.

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