Wonder Woman #36 Preview: A Peek At Meredith And David Finch’s First Issue

After more than three years of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang giving us a good, albeit up and down, run on Wonder Woman, it’s time for a new team to take over. Writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch debut this Wednesday in Wonder Woman #36, and Buzzfeed has a preview of the first few pages of the book. I’ve included the variant cover because we’ve all seen the regular cover a bunch of times already:

ww36a ww36b ww36c ww36d ww36e

Like everything I’ve seen or heard or read from the Finches since DC announced they’d be the new creative team on Wonder Woman, this preview is not making me particularly optimistic about the book. I’m doing my best not to prejudge and to keep an open mind, but I’m not very excited for this and I’m seeing nothing here to pique my interest.

Some dude is talking about the rain for three pages, and then Wonder Woman fights Swamp Thing across a double page spread, mouth agape the entire time. I will say that for David Finch art, Wonder Woman is slightly more covered up than you’d expect, but that’s really not saying a lot at all. Luckily for us, the costume doesn’t lend itself to navel-range necklines. Based on the covers, though, it seems that Wonder Woman has excellent posture, with her chest jutting out prominently.

Also, as a totally random sidenote, what happened to the Swamp Thing with antlers and wings and stuff? It was bonkers and cool! Lately, he’s just looked like regular old Swamp Thing.

Anyway, Wonder Woman #36 is out Wednesday online and in comic shops everywhere. I’m concerned, but also my expectations are so low that it being not entirely terrible will be a win for me. I can’t imagine how it will be in the ballpark of good, but you never know! Stranger things have happened. For all my snark, I really do hope it’s decent. I love Wonder Woman and I want her to have a good comic book. Plus, I hate writing review of books I don’t like. That’s not fun for anyone. So fingers crossed for a pleasant surprise! I’ll have a full review on Wednesday, and I’m hoping for the best!


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4 Responses to “Wonder Woman #36 Preview: A Peek At Meredith And David Finch’s First Issue”

  1. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    I really hate the way David Finch draws Wonder Woman’s face (an not just because her mouth is apparently always hanging agape). Her head is too big, too round and the tiny chin and oversized eyes gives her an almost manga like infantilized appearance. It is not even sexy in that “hot cheerleader” kind of style he usually draws women in, it just looks wired.
    It almost won’t matter how good the story turns out to be (or not to be), if the art on the main character does not work, then the story won’t work. It is a shame really because the rest of the artwork looks fine, if a bit generic, and the coloring looks really good.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Infantilized is definitely the word for it. Her face looks like a young girl and her body looks like a grown adult, and it’s a gross combination. I definitely agree about the colouring! Sonia Oback is great.

  2. Cow Commando Says:

    This is shit, plain and simple. Btw Swamp Thing is always adapting to the flora around him so he looks like different things depending on where he is

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