Wonder Woman Movie Finds Writer: Jason Fuchs, Writer Of Pan And Ice Age: Continental Drift


After making an excellent choice in hiring Michelle MacLaren to direct Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. has announced that the film will be written by Jason Fuchs. He has a pretty thin resumé, with only two big screen credits: Pan, which is out next summer, and Ice Age: Continental Drift, the fourth film in the franchise which came out in 2012. His only other credits are two television movies and a short. So he’s not exactly prolific. Nor can we get much of a sense of this style, with so few credits.

The one thing that has me concerned about his hiring is that Pan is an origin story for Peter Pan that doesn’t appear to rely much on source material. It features a young Hook, and Blackbeard for some reason, and seems to be making up a lot of new stuff rather than relying on the classic Peter Pan stories. Also, the movie looks really bad.

The significance of this is that there are rumours that Warner Bros. is changing Wonder Woman’s origins in a lot of ways for the film, doing something new instead of her usual origin. There are reports that the first film is set in the 1920s and features an Amazon civil war, neither of which are features of even her earliest origin. I’m hoping these rumours aren’t true, because it sounds like an absolutely awful idea to me. It’s bad enough that they’re using the New 52 origin where Diana is the daughter of Zeus. But if Warner Bros. is planning to reinvent Wonder Woman’s origin from whole cloth, it makes sense that they’d hire the guy who did just the same for Peter Pan. Thus I am worried.

It’d be nice to know MacLaren’s vision for the film, because she’s going to have a lot of input on the script and develop the story along with Fuchs. I’m hoping she’ll have the sense to stick closer to Wonder Woman’s traditional origins, but this also might be a case where the Snyders and the studio are dictating significant elements of the film. It’s hard to know this early in the game.

Anyway, I’m pretty ambivalent about this news. It would’ve been cool to have a woman writing the movie too; I love the idea of an all-lady made Wonder Woman. The guy they’ve hired doesn’t strike me as particularly impressive, and from what I’ve seen elsewhere across the internet, no one else seems overly enthused about it either. It’s a lot of “Who?”, basically. This movie has been a rollercoaster thus far, with the highs of hiring MacLaren, the lows of the New 52 origin, and long boring straight stretch of hiring Fuchs. I’ve got my fingers crossed for more highs than lows, but I can also imagine this rollercoaster going right off the rails.


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4 Responses to “Wonder Woman Movie Finds Writer: Jason Fuchs, Writer Of Pan And Ice Age: Continental Drift”

  1. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    While it is always nice to have a top tier talent working on a project, I suspect the overall vision for the film as well as WB’s attitude towards the project will be fare more important than who gets final screenwriting credit on the film.

    The one thing I like about these rumors concerning Wonder Woman’s film origin is that they would make her very old. I like the idea that Diana has been doing super heroics in secret long before Batman and Superman were even born. Especially since Wonder Woman totally got the short end of the stick during the last two Dc reboots, showing up (fresh of Paradise Island) at a time when Superman and Batman had both been active for a while (in the post crisis on infinite earths reboot I think WW didn’t show up until four years after Sups and Bat did, and something similar happen in new52 though not quite as extreme).

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I like the idea as a fun alternate take on the character; an older WW is a comic I’d like to read. But for a movie, and the first real female-led superhero movie, I think she needs to be a modern, identifiable character. I think a film not set in the present day is a horrible idea. She needs to be current and relevant.

      • Jeppe Dittmer Says:

        I don’t know. I guess I agree with you in theory, and I definitely see where you are coming from. I’m just afraid that the studio and filmmakers will be so scared of messing up this first attempt at a Wonder Woman movie that they end up playing it too safe, and we just end up with a generic superhero movie starring Wonder Woman. While I personally don’t get the idea behind a lot of the rumors, like setting the first movie in the 1920’ties, they at least sound nothing like safe and generic (if true).

  2. Lettie Says:

    I can’t help thinking that if they want to set a first movie in 1920s, it’s not because that corresponds with the ratification of the 19th amendment, but because they believe that, in 2010s, misogyny is over, as well as consequently feminism. According to them, the feminist package that Wonder Woman carries is obsolete nowadays. A movie in 1920s will allow to get rid of all this feminist thing that poisons the character since always. In this way, the next movie will make the best possible start.

    Welcome new generations! Come and discover Wonder Woman, a sexy woman BUT a strong female character who likes to sink her sword in everything with a great smile in her face because she is the daughter of Zeus, an impulsive, dim-witted, bloodthirsty warrior. Come on! Come and discover the perfect incarnation of all that emulates the worst destructive and violent behaviors associated with masculinity.

    It’s beautiful a world without any misogyny, isn’t it? What a time to be alive…

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