Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #18 Review: “Dig for Fire, Part 3” by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman


Well, that was a twist! The second part of “Dig for Fire” had us all set up for a thrilling adventure where Wonder Woman and her newly freed Amazon sisters escaped Apokalips, but it took a hard left turn when the Amazons’ true plan was revealed. Unbeknownst to Queen Hippolyta or Wonder Woman, the gals had teamed up with Lex Luthor and were planning to destroy Apokalips once and for all with a LexCorp bomb that would make the planet implode. Needless to say, Wonder Woman was not onboard.

I really enjoyed how Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman threw in this twist, and how everything played out from there. The issue started with some standard Amazon butt kicking, as they all teamed up to use the golden lasso and collapse a tunnel on top of a horde of parademons. It was exactly the sort of fare I was expecting in this final issue, and then we learned that the Amazons had gone rogue. It was a cool turn that led to a lot of great moments.

First, we got to see Wonder Woman facing off with Darkseid. Her Amazon sisters took off with the bomb after the Furies showed up, capturing Diana, and she was brought to Darkseid in chains. Then, in a great scene, she talked herself out of them. Darkseid was trying to be all cool and aloof and “Take her away,” but Wonder Woman not only convinced him that there was a bomb, but that she should be the one to stop it. It’s rare to strike a deal with Darkseid, but Wonder Woman pulled it off.

Plus, the panel of her diving into the depths of Apokalips in a heatsuit while riding atop a robot is super cool:


This is what superhero comics are for, crazy scenes like his. I love it.

Wonder Woman stopped the bomb, of course. She’s Wonder Woman. That’s what she does. And Darkseid killed the two Amazons who brought the bomb, because that’s what he does. However, Wonder Woman was allowed to leave. He actually kept his deal with her, that’s how awesome Wonder Woman is. If anyone’s going to screw you over, it’s Darkseid, but even he wouldn’t cross Wonder Woman.

Now that we’ve got all three parts of the story, it’s cool to look back and see how Bechko and Hardman set all of the pieces up. The first issue introduced the Furies, who captured Wonder Woman in the third issue. The second issue brought in the scavengers and a mysterious package box from LexCorp, which were key parts of the finale. The writers did a great job creating issues that were enjoyable on their own, with good characters and a fun cliffhanger, while putting everything in place for it to come together at the end. I think it was a very nicely constructed story that made excellent use of the format.

Bechko and Hardman also have a great grasp of Wonder Woman. She is on task and to the point, and firm in her convictions. When her Amazon sisters tried to sell her on their plan to destroy Apokalips, she wasn’t having ANY of it. Not for a second. Even on the most evil planet in the universe, protecting innocent lives comes first. The end of the final issue also showed how Wonder Woman’s presence inspired the citizens of Apokalips; they saw someone stand up to Darkseid and leave alive. Wonder Woman didn’t give a big speech or anything like that. She just inspired them with her actions, which is how I think Wonder Woman would roll. I don’t see her as intentionally trying to inspire people, but rather just doing so inadvertently because of who she is and how she affects people.

All together, this was a great three issue run for Sensation Comics and I hope that Bechko and Hardman will get to write Wonder Woman again. They did a great job here, and the book was especially enjoyable because it came in the midst of a rough time for Wonder Woman comics in the New 52. I’d much rather see Bechko and Hardman at the helm of a Wonder Woman comic book than anyone who’s working on one now.

Don’t forget to pick up the print version of this story in Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #5, out next Wednesday.


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3 Responses to “Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #18 Review: “Dig for Fire, Part 3” by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman”

  1. Gena Tribble Says:

    Damn that was an amazing ending. Just damn…. Why can’t these authors write the screenplay?

  2. Ben Herman: In My Not So Humble Opinion Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading the print version of this. The artwork on that splash page that you posted looks very nice.

    I’d have to actually read this story to see how exactly Darkseid is written. But if you look at most incarnations of the character, going back to the original New Gods stories by Kirby, you will see that, yes, the lord of Apokolips is a ruthless, manipulative tyrant. But for all of that he also does possess something of a sense of honor about him, as well as pragmatism. He is not above acknowledging that an adversary has been a worthy foe, and allowing them to depart the battlefield to fight another day. Darkseid is also not the type to fruitlessly continue a battle if it is going to gain him nothing, and if it’s only going to result in pointless destruction to Apokolips that he’ll be stuck having to repair afterwards.

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