Wonder Woman #37 Preview OR A Bunch Of Teenage Girls Fight Robot Owls Or Something? I Don’t Know

The second issue of Meredith and David Finch’s run on Wonder Woman is set to hit stands on Wednesday, and Newsarama has an exclusive preview. I pretty much hated the first issue, and I honestly can’t imagine this arc getting a lot better. The writing was poor and the art was bad and creepily exploitive; oddly, there’s nowhere to go but up, and yet I’m not at all optimistic that they can make the book any better. So with that ringing endorsement, let’s check out this preview:



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I really don’t understand why Finch has drawn all of the Amazons to look like curvy adolescents. It creeps me out so bad. They are WOMEN. Grown adults. Make them look like that. Also, all of the mouths agape are only making the creepy factor worse. It’s all just kind of gross.

Furthermore, only a creative team this inept could ruin robotic owls with Amazon in-fighting. There’s barely any actual owl fighting. There’s a massively unnecessary double page spread though, which is not surprising.

I will say that I do like the Amazon with the undercut. That’s nicely played. And the armour she’s wearing is well rendered. If she didn’t look like a sexy teenager and the shot didn’t have her mouth agape and her cleavage so prominently exposed, this might actually be a decent take on an Amazon. But alas, it is not. Finch can draw well, he just seems to choose not to and instead focuses on making everything look all sexy.

Wonder Woman #37 is out this Wednesday is comic shops and online. Honestly, I understand if you don’t want to buy it. I’ll have a review up on Wednesday and you can read that instead of dropping a few bucks on what should be a rather subpar comic book. It’s up to you. Go buy Bitch Planet instead. It’s the BEST.


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16 Responses to “Wonder Woman #37 Preview OR A Bunch Of Teenage Girls Fight Robot Owls Or Something? I Don’t Know”

  1. Shana Says:

    Yeah… This doesn’t look good… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Also, what’s up with Diana’s left hand on the cover? Is that a thumb?

    • Jeppe Dittmer Says:

      Yeah what the hell is up with that left hand? It almost looks like a birds claw.
      I suspect that David Finch don’t likes drawing hands, he is certainly not very good at it. I actually find it kind of hilarious that Finch so often draw women as these “sexy” adolescents but he seems incapable of drawing female looking hands, so they all have these ugly oversized male-carpenter-hands.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I agree with Jeppe. Hands are probably the last part of a lady that Finch is interested in drawing.

  2. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    Looking forward to reading your review. As much as this maltreatment of Wonder Woman infuriates me, I can’t help but fell a kind of obscene car-crash-fascination at watching all this awfulness unfold.

    • Shana Says:

      It makes me curious… How much longer are the Finches definitely going to be on this book? Like, are we set to have them here through the next year? Are we going to be singing this same song December 2015?

  3. wbwhipple Says:

    Don’t like Finch’s art (creepy is right, ugh!), won’t buy this crap, but I have to admit I’m enjoying your reviews of them.

    I LOVED Bitch Planet and second your “go buy it” suggestion for that, absolutely! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Cow Commando Says:

    I can’t bring myself to like this scantily-armored sexy warrior chick that’s strong without the ugliness of a strong woman.
    I can kind of put up with wonder Woman being all sexy and eager to show it but here she looks so young and vacuous, it’s actually uncomfortable.
    I love Wonder Woman but she’s a character that gives me more woe than joy, reading comic books should be fun and I’m not getting that at all.

  5. RR Says:

    Can I just say thank you for posting reviews so I don’t have to assail my eyes with the travesty that is the Finchs’ run on Wonder Woman?

  6. wbwhipple Says:

    Depending on the profession, some women have closed the income gap, in others, it’s even less than 70%: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/24/upshot/the-pay-gap-is-because-of-gender-not-jobs.html?_r=0&abt=0002&abg=1

    • Cow Commando Says:

      Did you finish reading that? It says men work more extra hours than women so they get paid more. The implication that Kelly Sue and the feminist bandwagon make is that women get paid 20% for the same work which is not true.

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