Superman/Wonder Woman #14 Preview OR Star Of Wonder

Just because it’s Christmas Eve this Wednesday doesn’t mean that there won’t be new comics, and one of them is Superman/Wonder Woman #14. I wasn’t overly impressed with Tomasi and Mahnke’s first issue, and particularly their treatment of Wonder Woman, so hopefully their second issue is a major course correction. Let’s take a look at what’s coming this Wednesday, courtesy of a preview from the folks at Nerdist:







Hey, a mysterious woman with a bunch of chained up ladies. Great. I know this was how most Wonder Woman villains rolled in the Golden Age, but there was a sort of silly charm to those books. These days, such tropes are done in a manner that’s so much more harsh and unpleasant. And after a baby sacrifice and a seemingly enslaved notable female character in last week’s Wonder Woman, more ladies being controlled by an evil, magical person is not what I want to see.

SPOILER ALERT: This evil, magical person is most likely Circe. She’s been mentioned in the solicits for upcoming issues of Superman/Wonder Woman, and there’s a woman on the cover of the March issue with white skin like we see here. They might say that at some point in the issue itself, too, but I think the cat is already out of the bag. Hopefully it’s not their last page reveal or some such.

Over in the main storyline, we get a couple of pages of Superman and Wonder Woman and Wonderstar talking to a cop, which is about as boring as it sounds. I’m sure it’s going somewhere, but this is really not scintillating comic booking. I have a sneaking suspicion that once we get the full comic, we could probably lift out those last three pages of the preview and lose very little from the story. There’s really not much going on here, other than establishing that Wonderstar is a real keener.

Superman/Wonder Woman #14 is out this Wednesday, in comic shops and online. If I decide to review it, which will require the book to be interesting enough to comment on, it probably won’t be until early next week on account of I have a lot of Christmasing ahead of me. We’ll see what happens.  Fingers crossed it turns out to be good and I can say some nice things about the New 52 Wonder Woman for a change!  It would be a Christmas miracle!


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One Response to “Superman/Wonder Woman #14 Preview OR Star Of Wonder”

  1. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    Well after a years worth of Superman/Wonder Woman comics being incredibly Superman centric I am definitely down with someone from WW’s criminally underused rouges-gallery taking the role of chief antagonist. Though it is probably naive to hope that WW will actually get to dominate this next storyline the way Superman dominated the first six issue arc, even if that indeed turns out to be Circe.

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