Superman/Wonder Woman #15 Preview OR The Secret Origin Of Magog

Here’s how underwhelmed I was by the last issue of Superman/Wonder Woman: I read it just three weeks ago, yet when I went to read this preview I was very confused because I had entirely forgotten how the previous issue ended. It was not a particularly compelling or memorable book. But now I remember! And, SPOILER ALERT, Wonderstar is Magog and he’s here to save the world from Superman and Wonder Woman.

Today, with this preview of Superman/Wonder Woman #15 from Comic Vine, we go back in time a bit and explore the origin of Magog:

sww15a sww15b



First up, we’ve got a new artist on the book. These pages look like they’re drawn by Ed Benes, though the cover says that regular series artist Doug Mahnke is involved as well. My guess is that the book will jump to the present at some point, and perhaps Mahnke will be handling those pages while Benes does those set in the past. I’m fairly indifferent on Benes, and these pages do little to change my mind in that regard.

As for Magog’s origin, it seems he’s an angry young boy who gets transformed by Circe into a superpowered villain. You can tell he’s angry because he’s smacking his fist into his palm like all angry people do. Seriously, though, have you ever seen someone do that in real life? Much less a child? It strikes me as an odd art choice, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, I don’t know a ton about the pre-New 52 Magog offhand, but I do know that while he was named David Reid, just as the boy is here, he was a grown man in the military or some such before he got his powers. I think they did the origin in JSA, and not in Kingdom Come where he first appeared. Either way, this is something different, a new take on the character for the New 52. While he looks about the same in costume, it seems that everything else is changed.

Look for Superman/Wonder Woman #15 in stores and online tomorrow.


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5 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #15 Preview OR The Secret Origin Of Magog”

  1. Ainhoa Cadena Says:

    Meh… I dont want to offend those fans of the fisticufffs relationship, but i always knew since it was announced that ir was going to be terrible. Sorry, the story is not good, and although it is good to see Diana with other man rather than Steve, Superan is represented either as stronger ir better than her. However, maybe a different perspective and a interesting plot can make a positive change for this relationship and for equality between Diana and Clark.

    Perhaps this issue is fun, and Diana is not a jerk. And we’ll see to where this new character Magog leads us. Always keep tour mind open, perhaps a change is in order …

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Wonder Woman’s characterization was better in Tomasi and Mahnke’s second issue than the first, so hopefully things will improve further in their third. It’s a fairly unremarkable book all around thus far, though.

    • Jeppe Dittmer Says:

      I think the inherit problem with the Superman Wonder Woman romantic coupling is that the two characters are just too similar (provided WW is written properly), and therefor boring as a narrative construct. Conventional storytelling guidelines dictate that the two characters in a parring, romantic or otherwise, should be different enough to create dynamic contrast and interesting conflicts (e.g. Captain America and Black Widow in the second Cap movie). Since Superman is the more established character, and the one that DC prioritizes first, then Wonder Woman is probably doomed to get mischaracterized as overly aggressive and warrior-like in order to differentiate her from Superman. If nothing else, this is why I think Batman and Wonder Woman is a better romantic coupling, though personally I think DC should just revitalize her original love interest Steve Trevor.

  2. Ainhoa Cadena Says:

    ssOops!! I’m sorry so much! There are some gramatical errors in my previous coment! This was due to an error in my computer… Sorry 🙂

  3. merryjest Says:

    I hated Tomasi’s musing about how horrible women are in the previous issue. It makes me wonder if Tomasi has ever met an actual woman or talked to one, really.

    DC, what on earth are you doing?

    Oh, just finished your Wonder Woman book- I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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