Donna Troy Is Officially Wonder Woman’s Adversary In The New 52 Universe

I should probably start this with a SPOILER ALERT. Last month, the end of Wonder Woman #37 revealed that a secret Amazon cabal, in cahoots with some sort of sorceress, had brought Donna Troy to life. After literally years of fans waiting for her to return, Donna Troy was back, albeit in the hands of some evil folks. Now, in advance of the new issue of Wonder Woman hitting shelves next week, we’ve got some more information from series writer Meredith Finch’s interview with Newsarama, and things aren’t looking great for fans of a heroic Donna Troy.

Finch makes it very clear that this Donna Troy is a clean break from old portrayals of the character, and says:

I think that if we had brought Donna back as a character that was even remotely similar to who she was in old continuity it would have definitely been a very difficult temptation to avoid. Because we are bringing Donna back as a villain as Diana’s current rival, I have felt a lot more freedom to make her the character I want her to be and less the person fans expect.

She describes Donna as a “formidable opponent” for Diana, and says that turning her into a villain is part of her larger to plan to give Wonder Woman “her own rogues gallery of equally strong villains.” The solicits have hinted at someone challenging Diana for the throne of the Amazons, and it seems that this person will be Donna. She’ll be more of a traditionalist Amazon, presumably more isolationist than the globetrotting Diana and probably not at all thrilled about the Manazons.

So, this isn’t exactly the Donna Troy we were expecting. Making her a villain in the midst of what has been a resoundingly awful run thus far is not going to go over well with a lot of fans, but annoying fans with massive, unpleasant changes has pretty much been DC’s modus operandi with Wonder Woman and her mythos since the New 52 began. This is a big twist, and while a small part of me has some respect for the bold move, most of me is simultaneously annoyed that a great female hero is now a villain and entirely lacking faith that the creative team can turn this into anything interesting.

I will say this, though: I don’t mind the costume. Take a look at this upcoming page:

donna troy

I kind of like it. It seems to be combining elements of the upcoming movie costume with traditional Wonder Woman elements. It would have been nice to have some hints of the classic Donna Troy in there too, though. I think the black, starry outfit might look cool underneath all of this armour. Nonetheless, I think it’s a decent look.

And let’s be real, here. Donna Troy is going to be a hero again at some point. If the Finches don’t do it, someone else will. That whole “created to be a villain” schtick never ends well for the fiends who want to control their creation. She’ll develop her own opinions, probably learn about heroism by fighting Wonder Woman, and end up being a hero herself down the road. DC will, eventually, give us want we want, or at least some weird, New 52 semblance thereof. I can’t imagine that this arc is going to be in the ballpark of good, but at least Donna Troy is back in play; her future is wide open from here.

Meredith Finch was also asked whether she was returning to the book after the “Convergence” break in April and May, and while she said that she’s talking to editors about her next arc, she didn’t reply with a resounding “Yes” so perhaps she’s not officially onboard yet. I think that DC would be wise to bring in a new creative team and do a sort of clean slate take on Wonder Woman that brings her out of the darkness and unpleasantness she’s been mired in since the relaunch, but who knows what they’ll do. Probably more Finches, if the sales keep up.


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9 Responses to “Donna Troy Is Officially Wonder Woman’s Adversary In The New 52 Universe”

  1. merryjest Says:

    Enough Finches already.

    I also have to wonder if David Finch in fact designed Donna’s new costume- there’s hardly any skin showing. He must have been sick at the time.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well if nothing else, I can at least agree with Meredith Finch, that WW needs more villains who are truly a match for her. With the exception of Circe and Ares I really don’t think most of WW’s rogues gallery are believable threats to her, at least not if you consider WW to be about on par with Superman in terms of power.

  3. Robyn L (@RobynL14) Says:

    this is…not good story telling? it didn’t need to be donna. didn’t they have that aleeka person from the Azz run who didn’t like diana anyway (i forgot her name but kept calling Diana ‘clay’)? that person was already in place to cause an uprising, and keep story continuity. they could have brought Donna in as Diana’s ‘person on the inside’ while Diana jaunts off with the JL.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, they could have used almost anyone else and I think it would have been a more interesting idea. Turning Donna into a villain just strikes me as a lame, “shocking” twist and a fairly uninspired use of the character.

  4. granello Says:

    This was such a terrible way to bring back Donna. I was hoping her New 52 introduction would have officially brought her back as someone who wasn’t white. It makes the most sense to do that with her of all people – her features have never really been a huge part of her character, and the lack of characters of color is a glaring fault for the Wonder Family which is so closely tied to feminism. If they could have pulled that off for Wally, they certainly should have done that for Donna.

  5. Daren Zenner Says:

    Daren Zenner

    Donna Troy Is Officially Wonder Woman’s Adversary In The New 52 Universe | STRAITENED CIRCUMSTANCES: Tim Hanley on Wonder Woman and Women in Comics

  6. Dillon Says:

    WW vs Donna Troy? I like the sound of it.

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