Wonder Woman #38 Preview OR There Are Dragons, At Least. Dragons Are Cool.

Wonder Woman #38 is out tomorrow, and I could not be less enthused. When reflecting on the Finches’ first two issues, the words “hot garbage” come to mind. On the plus side, there’s nowhere to go but up at this point. USA Today has a preview of the book that appears to be less of a preview and more an assortment of pages jammed together. Let’s take a peek:

ww38a ww38b ww38c

ww38d ww38e ww38f

So let’s start by saying something nice about the preview, just to mix things up a bit. It’s got dragons! And they actually look pretty cool. Good work drawing dragons, David Finch! You’re quite decent at those.

Apart from that, the Amazons are still being jerks to Diana, their damn queen, so that’s really great. It’s so lovely to see so much strife and cattiness from the DC Comics universe’s only all-female society, he said sarcastically. I assume that Donna Troy is going to show up on Paradise Island at some point in this issue and integrate herself before ultimately challenging Diana for the throne, so we’ve got that to look forward to.

Here’s another thing I liked! Two positives; this is getting out of control. In the interview before the preview, Meredith Finch talks about how Donna Troy was made out of clay, specifically the clay that the Hippolyta statue melted into when they left her out in the rain. I think that’s sort of clever, pulling in the classic Wonder Woman origin and adding that twist with the clay statue that will imbue her with some queenliness. I’m sure that the execution of this idea will be fairly terrible, but I think it’s nonetheless the most interesting idea to come out of this run yet. Also, the ONLY interesting idea to come out of this run yet.

Wonder Woman #38 is available in comic stores and online tomorrow. I’m not saying don’t buy it, but I am saying that I’ll have a full review tomorrow if you don’t get around to purchasing it.


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5 Responses to “Wonder Woman #38 Preview OR There Are Dragons, At Least. Dragons Are Cool.”

  1. merryjest Says:

    I appreciate your sacrifice, buying this to review it. I certainly won’t, two issues of the Finches was enough for me…

  2. Vonter Voman (@VonterVoman) Says:

    “Dragons” (an hydra, actually) appearing out of nowhere to attack the island like the birds. At this point it just feel like Finch is just drawing what he thinks is cool and then Meredith puts it into the story. I know for a fact that this is was what happened with Swamp Thing.

  3. Vonter Voman (@VonterVoman) Says:

    Also, it says on the article that Strife will appear on issue “30” (I assume it’s actually this issue, or 39)… Let’s hope such a great character won’t get ruined.

  4. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    So in the spirit of focusing on the positive: Sonia Oback is still killing it on the colors. It’s like she is determinate not to let this shit stick to her name and so brings her A game to a book that really doesn’t deserve it.
    Also I am begrudgingly beginning to see why some people like David Finch’s art. That hydra does indeed look really good, and Dessa’s shield looks fucking amazing, though I would attribute both as much to Oback’s colors as Finch’s line-work. I also like how Finch styles the Amazons, sure between all the exposed cleavage, bare midriff, short skirts, loincloths and fucking brass boob-cups (seriously?), there is way too much skin on display, but at least Finch isn’t just drawing all the Amazons in generic togas and greek hoplite gear. Lastly I think David Finch ads some nice grit and texture to the world. Personally I would prefer the Amazons to be a super advanced race of women with Sci-fi technology that just happens to be reminiscent of ancient greece in its design (sort of like Marvel’s Thor just with greek instead of norse mythology) but, if the Amazons must be permanently stuck in the bronze age, then I like that their weapons and armor looks properly used and dented otherwise it can easily start to look plastic and phony, like they are using cheap movie props instead of real weapons and armor.

    Now with all that positivity out of my system, I think I need to go punch a wall for a bit.

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