Wonder Woman Is Front And Center In Justice League #39 Variant Cover By Batgirl Artist Babs Tarr

I haven’t been keeping up with Justice League at all lately. Apparently something is going on with Amazo? I am out of the loop. But I’m seriously thinking about picking up this month’s issue because Justice League #39 has a Wonder Woman-centric variant cover by Babs Tarr. Tarr has been killing it each month on Batgirl, bringing new life to a series that had been generally dark and gloomy since the New 52 relaunch. New writers Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart have certainly helped matters, but Babs Tarr’s art perfectly captures the fun of the series’ new direction and is the highpoint of the book for me.

And now she’s drawn Wonder Woman! Harpy, the “fangirl headquarters” of Hitfix, has a look at her variant for Justice League #39:


First off, I’m all for any Justice League cover that puts Wonder Woman in the foreground, looking cool and bad ass, and sticks the fellows in a dark background. The guys have been the focal point of that book and its cover for way too long.

Second, Babs Tarr! She’s so good. I love that such a unique artist is working at DC now. I’m very bored of everyone trying to be Jim Lee, and it’s great to have someone who does her own thing with such skill in the mix.

Third, is this what Wonder Woman’s costume looks like in Justice League regularly? I’d heard that Jason Fabok had tweaked it some, but I haven’t got a good look at it yet. I like what I see here. It looks like a merger between her original New 52 costume and the movie costume that takes the best of both. I’m curious to see if it catches on elsewhere.

Justice League #39 hits comic shops on February 18, and it looks like it will be definitely worth picking up if only for this awesome variant cover. I might be buying the book for the first time in years; I think I bailed way back in the “Throne of Atlantis” arc. And hey, maybe the inside will be fun, too. You never know.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman Is Front And Center In Justice League #39 Variant Cover By Batgirl Artist Babs Tarr”

  1. JanArrah Says:

    Sorry.. I can’t see anything beyond the giant fucking sword. Put it down Wonder Woman. You have a lasso. the sword is useless compared to the all powerful magical lasso!

    DC.. just stop. You don’t get Wonder Woman and you apparently never will. Just give her to someone who loves and respects her and let them fix this mess. She can be a top selling comic again. You just have to stop this keep Wonder Woman on the fringe as angery warrior woman shit.

  2. wonderwomanfan Says:

    Hopefully whatever they come up with expands the amount of Wonder Woman costumes available to buy online… what exists now is pretty dated to the 70’s show.

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