Wonder Woman #39 Preview OR Gross Bugs And Stuff

After last month’s issue of Wonder Woman ended with Donna Troy presumably becoming the new queen on the Amazons, the preview for this month’s Wonder Woman #39 gives us none of that whatsoever. Instead, it focuses on the disappearing villages that Wonder Woman and the Justice League have been tracking, ie. the plot device that allowed Diana to vent her life frustrations at various league members over the past few issues. But now it’s built up to something, and that something is a gross cocoon of mangled humans. Let’s take a look at the preview, courtesy of Comic Book Resources:






Well that sure turned nasty. But I will admit, I’m morbidly curious to see how this weird bug stuff ties into the rest of the book and Wonder Woman’s other travails. Though maybe it doesn’t; usually things tie together in stories, but Meredith Finch is new to the story writing game. It could just be its own little subplot that doesn’t tie into anything. However, I’ve got a feeling that it’s god of war related in some way or another.

I’m amused that the Justice League have been in every issue of the Finches’ Wonder Woman run thus far after they didn’t appear at all during Azzarello and Chiang’s tenure. The Finches seem to have kept the worst elements of the preceding run, the darkness and the squabbling, unpleasant Amazons, and lost all of the good bits, like Zola and Hermes and no Justice League. It’s a bad scene.

I did like one thing, though! Emanuela Lupacchino’s done a variant cover for the issue, with Wonder Woman and Donna Troy in her new, cool costume. I think it’s quite nice:


So there’s that, at least.

Look for this nice variant cover at your comic shop this Wednesday, though if you’re going to skip the issue because of what’s inside, I’ll have a full review the same day that’ll give you all the details.


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6 Responses to “Wonder Woman #39 Preview OR Gross Bugs And Stuff”

  1. Jeppe Dittmer Says:

    Yes, taking all the worst aspects of the previous run and adding more shit on top of it seems like a pretty good description of this run so far.

    The Emanuela Lupacchino cover reminds me a lot of Terry Dodson’s artwork, especially the faces.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Lupacchino definitely has a Dodson vibe. I think that’s why I like it when so much she draws Wonder Woman. I’ve always been a Dodson fan. They both make Wonder Woman look regal, strong, and lovely.

  2. Cow Commando Says:

    I find the story quite amusing, I’m dying to find out what happens next. It’s just that this is not Wonder Woman. Not that there’s a definitive Wonder Woman. She’s just so lifeless, whiny and devoid of awesomeness.

  3. merryjest Says:

    Sad state for DC, when there are better things happening on the cover than inside the book.

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