Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #25 Review: “Sabotage is in the Stars” by Heather Nuhfer and Ryan Benjamin


Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #25 is easily the best Wonder Woman comic I’ve read this week, though it’s a fairly low bar. Both Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman put out bad issues yesterday, so today’s Sensation Comics felt like a breath of fresh air. It’s not the strongest outing that the series has produced, but it was a fun read and an excellent palette cleanser after a rough Wednesday for our favourite Amazon.

The story begins with Wonder Woman saving an Indian space exploration laboratory from a meteorite strike and learning that LexCorp was behind the attack. Wonder Woman spends the rest of the issue preventing LexCorp from derailing the launch of India’s newest space mission. She stops Luthor’s sabotage, while the shuttle’s female pilot safely executes the mission despite Luthor’s attempts at interference.

It’s a fun story, though it feels somewhat overstuffed. One digital issue isn’t a lot of space, and while Heather Nuhfer puts in a lot of good moments, there are also a lot of sharp jumps and confusing transitions that make it a bit of a jarring read. Space is at a premium in such a short book, and there are a few odd choices that use up a lot of valuable real estate. For example, dedicating two pages to Lex sabotaging the shuttle is more than necessary, and some of that space could have been perhaps better used finessing what is an awkward transition into LexCorp robots attacking Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. You’ve got to maximize the space available.

At the same time, though, the book’s best sequence is the four opening pages dedicated to Wonder Woman destroying the meteorite that’s heading towards the laboratory. It’s a fantastic showcase of Wonder Woman’s strength, and Wonder Woman’s annoyed question, “Why can’t this ever happen over an empty field?” is a particularly nice touch. This scene doesn’t maximize the book’s limited real estate at all; it’s eight panels spread out over the four pages. But it works like gangbusters. It’s a dynamite way to open a comic book, and it shows that sometimes you’ve just got to explore the space a bit, even though the book feels a bit cramped from then on.

The meteorite sequence’s effectiveness is largely due to artist Ryan Benjamin, who does a stellar job with this opening scene. The issue’s first page shows Wonder Woman flying at the reader fist first, teeth gritted, fixing to smash apart the meteorite, and it’s absolutely gorgeous, but my favourite bit of the sequence is more subtle. Wonder Woman is trying to destroy the last bit of the meteor that’s getting dangerously close to the lab, and she finally gets a hold on it:


I love the focus on her eye that shows she’s seeing the full situation and has it handled; there’s no panic or fear, just a look back to make sure she’s still got the space she needs. And the blur with the sparks to show the fieriness and speed of the meteorite look so cool, and serve as a great frame for her laser focused eye. All of the choices in the this panel work beautifully.

Benjamin’s art throughout the rest of the book is strong as well. He draws a great Wonder Woman and a sinister Lex Luthor, and does a good job with the evil robots and their space shenanigans. Benjamin colours the book as well, and makes a few odd choices. The overall tone is perhaps a bit too yellow for my taste. It’s in a mid-range between a bold stylistic choice and normal colouring, and I think he’d have been better served by either colouring the book realistically or going full on stylistic. However, the colouring on that spectacular opening sequence is fantastic, especially the way Benjamin communicates the heat and speed of it all.

Overall, this week’s Sensation Comics was a fun outing with some good moments. It was a bit rushed, but so it goes with digital oneshots. It’s just not a lot of space. The print version of this story hits stores on March 18 in what should be a great issue all around, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that.


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