Go Vote For The Top 50 Female Comic Writers And Artists Of All Time At Comic Book Resources!


On Sunday, Kelly Thompson’s latest “She Has No Head!” article on Comic Book Resources launched a massive new project. She is compiling “the most complete and exhaustive list of women creators possible”, and currently has 1,100 female writers and artists on an ever-growing list. It is impressively thorough.

Thompson has created the list for two reasons. First, to serve as a comprehensive, constantly evolving document that will keep track of the many female creators who have, do, and will work in comics. Second, Thompson is teaming up with Brian Cronin to hold a massive poll to find the Top 50 female comic writer and artists of all time, and the list will serve as a handy resource for putting together a ballot.

A while back, Comic Book Resources did a poll to determine the Top 50 comic writers and artists of all time generally, and only two women made the list: Fiona Staples and Gail Simone. Thus women accounted for only 2% of the entire list. This new poll is way to highlight and celebrate the many female creators who work in comics currently, and who have worked in comics over the decades.

You should absolutely go vote for your Top 10 female writers and artists, and follow the instructions in the link. You get to pick 10 of each, and you need to rank them from one to ten; your top pick will get ten points, your bottom pick will get one, and then all the points will be tabulated and we’ll have a giant list of awesome female creators.

There are all kinds of great modern female creators to choose from, but if you’re looking to be historically representative, let me recommend voting for Joye Murchison in the writing category. Murchison wrote many Golden Age Wonder Woman stories when William Moulton Marston’s illnesses slowed down his writing output, though she went uncredited at the time. Her influence on the early years of Wonder Woman is substantial, and it would be great to see her recognized on a list like this. Another fun choice is Alice Marble, who wrote the “Wonder Women of History” feature for the first 16 issues of Wonder Woman, spotlighting a different famous woman in a four page story in each issue.

You have until March 16 to vote, so that gives you a bit of time to decide your ballot. I keep going back and forth on mine. There are so many great creators to choose from! Kelly Sue DeConnick is a lock. Marjane Satrapi for sure. Murchison and Marble, obviously. I might vote for Kate Beaton in both categories because she’s just that epic. Plus how do I weigh new creators against older, established creators with a bigger body of work? It’s not just who I love now, but I who I love ALL TIME. It’s a lot to think about! But so much fun.


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