Sensations Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #27 Review: “Girls’ Day Out, Part 2” by Cecil Castellucci, Chris Sprouse, and Karl Story


Last week’s opening installment of “Girls’ Day Out” was rather underwhelming, and failed to make use of the massive fun potential of a Wonder Woman and Lois Lane team-up. This week’s conclusion is no better, and perhaps worse, both in terms of structure and story. It’s a disappointing finish to a story I had very high hopes for.

Structurally, this issue was an even quicker read than last week’s. Not a single page has more than two panels, and altogether there are 31 panels spread across 20 pages. Almost half of the book is unnecessary full page spreads. You can read it all in about a minute. The writing is minimal, and the art seems lazy; when Lois saves the day with a flash mob armed with potted plants, we only see maybe 3 or 4 different people, hardly “mob” standards. It just doesn’t feel like anybody but a lot of effort into this story.

The story itself isn’t great either, and my major problem with it revolves around a scene where Lois is ensnared in Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. First, Lois starts spitting out secrets left and right, which is just silly. I don’t think the lasso should automatically compel people to blurt out every secret they have, but that’s just being a nitpicky fan. I much prefer a take on the lasso where Wonder Woman controls the person in its grasp, and can force them to tell the truth if she so chooses.

Apart from my nitpicking, though, my bigger issue is with the truths that Lois reveals. Let’s go through them quickly:

  • “I feel insecure around you.” – This tired angle has been a constant for pretty much every Wonder Woman/Lois interaction. Can’t we just have them be friends who respect each other?
  • “I color my hair!” – So do most women. Why is this even a thing? Pointing it out like it’s some sort of juicy secret seems dumb.
  • “I’m worried about my career!” – Lois Lane? I don’t think so.
  • “I think you’re going to fail and we’re going to die!” – Again, Lois Lane? Not so much. Lois knows there’s always a way to beat the bad guys.
  • “I don’t believe superheroes will save the day!” – One last time, Lois Lane? Come on. Lois is all about superheroes, and sees the good in them even when the world doesn’t trust them.
  • “I think Clark Kent is kind of cute.” – Okay, this one I’m on board with. This is the only one that seems like a truth Lois would try to keep hidden.

Overall, this sequence is just a poor display of understanding Lois. It’s also indicative of the story’s approach to Lois as a whole; she never feels quite right.

In the end, the monsters are defeated and Lois gets to do a proper interview with Wonder Woman, which is a nice way to close the issue, but there’s just no meat on the bones of this two-parter. The characters don’t seem like themselves, the story is painfully short and rushed, and the whole thing is a forgettable waste of what should have been a great team-up. This easily could have been just one digital issue; it still wouldn’t have been good, but at least it would feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Sensation Comics has been on a great run, but this was a misstep on every level. Next week’s issue is an Aaron Lopresti story with dragons, so let’s hope that turns out awesome.


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5 Responses to “Sensations Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #27 Review: “Girls’ Day Out, Part 2” by Cecil Castellucci, Chris Sprouse, and Karl Story”

  1. Kate Says:

    Wonder Woman and Lois Lane are DC’s most iconic female IP and it’s criminal that no one seems to have a clue what to do with them. They make total sense together as allies, companions and friends. Wonder Woman is exactly the kind of power fighting for good that Lois believes in and Lois is the literal embodiment of what Wonder Woman is fighting for. Lois is a liberated woman in a man’s job and vice versa. For the life of me I can’t figure out why this is so hard. The author gave a GREAT interview too where she clearly “got it” so I’m confused as to why it didn’t translate.

    Lois Lane is not insecure, people. She is not Bella Swan going “oh I’m just so average why do you love me?” Lois Lane asks SUPERMAN to look at her underwear. Lois Lane has OWNED Superman’s ass for decades. She looks at Superman and says “he will be mine” with a confidence that narratives usually only ever reserve for men. She is not insecure around Wonder Woman bc she has that much healthy self-esteem. She is not insecure no matter how “hot” Wonder Woman is.

    Lois Lane worried about her career? As if. AS IF. She’s the best. She kicks sexism in the workplace in the face. Lois Lane not believe in superheroes? Her belief in the goodness of Superman to inspire hope and her role in that hope is literally the backbone of the entire franchise and without it the whole Super mythos comes crashing down.

    I agree, Tim. The “Clark Kent is cute” confession is the only one that seemed legit. What a bummer bc I am desperate for a good Wonder Woman/ Lois story. 😦

  2. Cow Commando Says:

    I really think people fake the excitement they feel about Sensation Comics. I haven’t read all of them but I read previews/reviews on the ones I skipped and they definitely aimed well below my age bracket. The ones I did read were bland. The only one I genuinely enjoyed a lot was Hernandez’s. There’s something about Wonder Woman, for some reason they never go big and the result is anything but sensational, it’s just bland, tame feminist bullshit that’s supposed to be full of deep meaning. And Wonder Woman’s supporting characters don’t show up. Superman on the other hand is all over Sensation Comics.

    I’m also pretty tired of seeing that every Woman that crosses paths with Wonder Woman is jealous of her, while all the guys look up to Superman. Cheetah, Circe, Power Girl…we’re all at some point envious, it’s pretty sickening.

    Also no more heels, I can’t tell you how much I dislike them, they really really cheapen her look and make no sense to me whatsoever

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I’ve genuinely enjoyed a lot of the Sensation Comics stories, and I don’t think there have been many bad ones. The book certainly has a constantly shifting age range, to it’s detriment I think since that makes it hard to find a regular audience, but there’s been some good stuff. This story, however, was not great. And yeah, women being jealous or intimidated by Wonder woman really needs to stop.

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