A New Costume For Wonder Woman Debuts In June’s Wonder Woman #41, And It’s Kind Of Terrible

It’s just not fair, you guys. All of the other female characters are getting cool costumes and rad creative teams and fun new directions, while Wonder Woman keeps getting the shaft. First, Meredith and Finch are returning after the “Convergence” event for a second arc, even though the book’s been straight up terrible since they took over. And not only that, today DC Comics revealed a new look for Wonder Woman at HitFix. This is the cover for June’s Wonder Woman #41:


This is pretty bad. But first, let’s find something positive to say about it. The gold is back! I definitely prefer gold with Wonder Woman’s outfit. The silver she’s been sporting since the New 52 relaunch is not my favourite. Gold suits her much better. So yeah, that’s a plus.

The rest is just awful. Let’s start at the top and work our way down. The tiara is the tiara; that bit’s okay. But what is up with that blue, high collared shirt situation? That is not a good look. And the weird shoulder pad things aren’t helping it look cooler. She’s not a football player.

The torso bit I don’t mind, because it’s a decent blend of the classic look and the new look, but I hate the weird bracelet swords. Wonder Woman doesn’t need weird bracelet swords. Her preferred fighting style should not be slicing people up. That’s why she has a lasso: To subdue people, not murder them.

Whatever’s going on in her crotch area with the dangling fabric and such is a mess. That is some wonky, unappealing design work. And then we’ve got pants just like the new shirt, so I guess Wonder Woman got a sweet deal on long underwear or something? Finally, her boots come up to mid-thigh now, which seems unnecessary. Especially when she’s got pants on. Also, super ugly.

All together, this is not a fun look. It’s a bizarre mishmash of old and new and random with some entirely ridiculous additions. Seriously, retractable swords? So stupid. At first I assumed that this look wasn’t going to stick, partly because it’s too terrible for anyone else to want to draw it, and partly because she’s got her usual costume on in Justice League #41. But then I saw the cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #18 by Paulo Siqueira, courtesy of Uproxx:


And yeah, it looks like it’s going to be a thing for a while. Also, why is Superman wearing a t-shirt again? He’s a superhero. He should dress accordingly.

Anyway, this all looks very stupid. And just cruel for long-suffering Wonder Woman fans, seeing as all of the other gals are getting cool new outfits. Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Batgirl, Starfire. Everybody’s rocking awesome costumes now, while Wonder Woman just looks like a dope. I don’t even understand what the influence is here. It’s not Amazonian in the slightest, or god of war-like at all. Nothing about it suggests Wonder Woman or her mythos to me.

I’m not at all against Wonder Woman getting a new costume or updating her look, but this is just bland and weird fails to capture the character in any way. And it’s not exciting. Remember how when the new Batgirl costume was unveiled, fans instantaneously bought yellow Doc Marten boots in droves? No one’s going to go load up on dark blue long underwear and gold shoulder pads for this. It’s entirely uninspiring. I don’t understand how DC can get it right with the designs for so many other female characters and inspire such excitement, and then get it so wrong with Wonder Woman. She’s been around for 75 years; they should have a handle on how she works by now.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

22 thoughts on “A New Costume For Wonder Woman Debuts In June’s Wonder Woman #41, And It’s Kind Of Terrible

    1. Okay, on second thought, I do have to amend my above appraisal. I like the new costume, and I think it’s a nice alternate outfit for Diana to wear. It’s obviously never going to permanenty replace variations of her classic uniform. But, as others have commented, the blades look silly. If Diana needs a weapon with a sharp edge then give her a sword.

      1. I’d be okay with it if it was something she wore once or twice, for some specific reason (it’s cold out maybe?) but it’s a pretty ugly everyday outfit.

      2. She doesn’t need to carry one. The bracelets that Haephestus upgraded for her can create swords for her if she needs them.

  1. To me T-shirt and jeans is all Superman needs.
    as for Wonder woman…yeesh that looks like fan art. If they ditch the thigh high boots, wrist blades and calm down the shoulder pads it be a decent outfit. However I totally prefer the way Fabok draws Wonder woman with the battle skirt and the gloves

  2. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since DC have no idea what Diana should be doing right now.

    But it still hurts.

    Just when I was getting hopeful about DC, they doubld down on something they are handling horribly.

    There’s no way that Superman costume lasts long. If for no other reason than he looks stupid next to an overly covered up Wonder Woman.

    We’re we asking for a new Wonder Woman costume? Did that need to be done? I mean… She has an iconic look. I don’t mind minor dirivative changes but why go so radically different that she doesn’t look like WW anymore? What’s the motive?

    Again, I pray this is temporary. *sigh* It’s not better just be cause she’s no longer in a one-peice bathing suit. Do we really think a red “v” skirt over her vagina is an upgrade? Please.

  3. I like the new costume, although I agree that the blades are useless. I have a lot of friends who will not even give Wonder Woman a chance because they claim she wears a bathing suit as eye candy.

    1. People were up in arms about Wonder Woman’s outfit, or lack thereof, in the 1940s, and it sounds like they still are today. That’s amusing. I’m all for the outfit covering a bit more, but this takes that to a whole new level.

  4. DC continues to prove me right (http://comicmusings.tumblr.com/post/111941734131/wonder-woman-an-obituary) by continuing to have no clue whatsoever on what to do with Wonder Woman.

    If they had any clue, or any real desire to actually go in a new direction, they would take the Finches off the book immediately. This is Wonder Woman raiding Big Barda’s wardrobe.

    Looking at the silver lining in the Finch picture- at least Finch decided to draw breasts realistically this time. That armor looks like it is actually supporting her instead of showing cleavage through material, as per Finch’s usual depictions.

    The pants are a nice addition- but then again, they were part of Chiang’s original design, so the best feature of Finch’s ‘redesign’ is something Chiang had already done. Get rid of the stupid Wonder Loincloth, it is doing nothing, and get rid of the black top with the priest collar, too- that was Superman’s for a while. Diana doesn’t need a catsuit on top of armor, for crying out loud.

    Thigh boots belong on go-go dancers. On superheroes they look ridiculous- knee length always woks best. That ridiculous loincloth can go and just leave the pants where they are- all it does is create more clutter.

    What the hell is the deal with the Wolverine bracelets? The bracelets that Haephestus upgraded for her can create swords already. These do not need to be here at all.

    And shoulderpad armor? No. No. No. Busy as hell, adding more to the clutter. Finch, if you want to give Diana some shoulder coverage, why not extend the bustier? Give it, you know, shoulder straps? Because as it is, Bea Arthur is looking at those shoulder pads and going “Honey, too much.”

    1. Yeah… Its bad. The hard part is, I look at this costume and I think they mean well. They want to get her out of the bathing suit and create a more practical suit, but… she’s super powered, she doesn’t need all that. You put her next to Superman and Batman and it looks like they over compensated to “protect the woman”.

      1. Totally agree. They don’t need to do this overwrought mess. Just give her pants and give her bustier shoulder-straps. Suddenly she’s not in a swimsuit anymore, but she’s wearing something that is both modest and attractive-looking. BATMAN, who is a squishy human, needs armor more than Diana, Goddess of War.

        Though I am not crazy about Robo-Batman. I guess Bruce Wayne saw ‘Chappie’ and decided the look was the next great thing.

  5. This costume is truly bizarre in how bad it is. It is not offensively bad, I don’t get angry looking at it, I just get confused. It looks like they took four or five different Wonder Woman costumes and mixed them together and the end result is just an un-iconic confusing mess.

      1. This is Wonder Woman raiding Big Barda’s closet for a spare shift on laundry day.

  6. Sigh. I wish they would go back to the red and blue scheme. The white accent on that color would look so much better against a blue top, but as it is, it looks like some bizarre makeshift dress shirt, like those hilariously awful short-sleeved graphic tees with a minimalist tuxedo design.

  7. To me she looks like a circus performer of some sort. I don’t mind the shoulder pads but I don’t like the oversized white stars, the color scheme, it’s all screaming circus. It’s almost like Finch took a jab at everyone that criticized him for sexualizing women, this time he covered Wonder Woman head to toe, take that. It’s almost like we’re suppose to wish she was half naked now.

    I also strongly object to those ugly ass boots. One more reason to side with Donna. On top of everything, Donna is also better-dressed

  8. this costume actually doesn’t need too many adjustment to make it better. just take off the shoulder pads, the flap things, and the blades, and it would actually look alright

    1. It would actually look like Chiang’s original, pants-included design for Wonder Woman at the start of the Nu52.

      So, basically, everything good about Finch’s redesign is, basically, Chiang XD

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