Women In Comics Statistics: DC And Marvel, January 2015 In Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up over a week ago at Bleeding Cool, but I’ve been busy and then out of town so I never got to post it here. But better late than never! January wasn’t a great start to the year for either DC or Marvel, with DC returning to their past average for female creators overall and Marvel falling ever lower.

DC Comics had 11% female creators overall, a decent jump from their December total and a nice return to their past range after a very low autumn. Even better, by category DC is posting some of their best numbers for writers and artists since this stats project began in 2011. If the editorial numbers weren’t so low, DC could be setting some record highs. At Marvel, the overall percentage of female creators fell to 8.5%, one of their lowest totals since this project began. After a steady if unimpressive autumn, Marvel’s taken a real dip across the board over the past couple of months.

We also took a look at female creators, using covers as an indicator of each book’s gender representation. DC was down negligibly from July, but Marvel rose a couple percentage points. All together, there were slightly more female characters on the covers in January 2015 than we saw in January or July of last year.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats fun!


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