A Smart Cover Change For Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #9

I’ve been reading Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman digitally, but I always get the print version too because I am a big nerd and a paper enthusiast. Like many readers, I’ve noticed that the covers sometimes don’t match the tone of the story inside. Some issues have darker, bloody covers while inside there are cute, fun stories that would definitely appeal to younger readers. This disconnect is troubling because I love the series and want it to continue. Folks who buy the book with a dark cover expecting dark stories inside will be disappointed and maybe not purchase it again, while the folks who would enjoy the lighter fare might be turned away by a dark cover. It’s not the best sales strategy.

DC Comics seems to have noticed this discrepancy, and is making changes accordingly. Sensation Comics #9 and #10 were originally scheduled to have covers by Francesco Francavilla and Michael Zulli. The Francavilla cover was retro and fun, but the Zulli cover was weirdly dour and violent. Take a look:


Now, the Francavilla cover has been moved to Sensation Comics #10 and the Zulli cover seems to have been dropped in favour of this brighter, friendlier cover by Ben Caldwell on today’s Sensation Comics #9:


It’s a much nicer cover all around, and also far better reflects what’s inside the book. Lauren Beukes and Mike Maihack have a great, enjoyable story about little girls playing as Wonder Woman, and while I didn’t love Cecil Castellucci, Karl Story, and Chris Sprouse’s team up of Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, it’s much more in line with Caldwell’s bright cover than Zulli’s grim artwork.

So kudos to DC for changing the cover to fit the book’s contents, and thus giving the comic its best chance to find an audience. I know that lately some angry fanboys have been decrying cover changes as censorship, but some covers are just a bad fit for the book they’re supposed to be on. This was a good change by DC, and I like that they decided to do it themselves. There was no public outcry over the Zulli cover; the comments I saw about it were generally “Ehh, it’s not great”, but no one seemed to be getting mad about it. DC just changed it on their own, presumably to better match what was inside the book, and that’s smart comic book publishing. I harp on DC a lot when they make boneheaded moves, so they should definitely be applauded when they make a good one.

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #9 is available in comic book shops today! Go check it out! It’s pretty fun.


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2 Responses to “A Smart Cover Change For Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #9”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I suspect the Zulli cover was dropped less because of any tonal disconnect, than simply because it is an astonishingly ugly and unappealing piece of artwork in any context. It was like they were actively discouraging people from buying the book — or even to look directly at it, lest they be turned to stone.

    Love both the Caldwell and Francavilla covers.

  2. Nancy pike Says:

    The Zulli cover outright sucks. Looks like amateur hour. That was really considered for publication? Looks like crap you’d find in a fanzine or on Deviantart’s site.

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