Women In Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, February 2015 In Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is up over at Bleeding Cool, and February 2015 turned out to be a decent month for increased female representation at both Big Two publishers.

DC rose to 12.3% female creators overall, taking the top spot. DC also had a very strong showing on the creative side of the chart, as growing creative representation is finally countering their much diminished editorial ranks. Marvel’s overall percentage of female creators remains in single digits, coming in at only 9.3%, though that is up from January. Their creative numbers were okay relative to past showings, but still not enough to pull them out of their current sub-10% slump.

We also take a look at the Eisner awards, which posted a higher percentage of female nominees than last year. It’s not a huge jump in percentage, a 1.1% uptick to 19%, but it’s growth nonetheless and very strong compared to past years. Unfortunately, the Eisners don’t look too great when compared to the Hugos, science fiction’s major awards. Even with a bizarre and very controversial conservative takeover of the nomination process that cut the percentage of female nominees nearly in half, the Hugos still have a higher percentage of female nominees than the Eisners.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the “Gendercrunching” fun!


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